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Work nails

I have for years been painting my nails starting seriously at the end of middle school with mastering basic application and shaping then miving to highschool and college where i would put in hours of time for elaborite creations. Sharing them at the end of the month and finding praise in doing so. 

I am now working for walt dosney world and not aloud to have even clear on because it could chip off into the food. I went a month with nude nails the longest span of time since i was 12. As an adult feeling robbed of my privilage 

I had two days off and painted  

 Them beautifly just to take it all off for work this morning 

Something good

Something good tonight made me forget about you and I.



Last night I honestly could not focus anymore. I had been avoiding my work load and my social life a bit too. So I started to crumble the way an old building will without maitanace.

I wanted and needed different things so mentally my compromise was to seek comfort however I could get it.

Post binge watching scripted reality tv feeling more lost and less fulfilled I made a call. To a guy who I knew would answer.  On the second ring I heard a gruff hey!

I nearly started crying I just wanted to hear him talk. To wish he were near enough to hug and kiss. To tuck me in and wipe away my inevitable tears.

The distance of about twenty miles seperated our bodies but our voices were in the same conversation. I found comfort in his whispers and imagined him behind me in the silence. As if standing in the other room or right behind me. Out of sight but not out of mind.

I love him for the good things and forgive him for the rest. I have so little in my daily life that I see as good because I overlook the little things. The moments in the phone feeling connected, or when a stranger sees your bad ass par core, or when you know the answer to a question. The little things are something but they may need to be my everything.


You look like you’re in high school says a women who knows I’m on her pay roll. I am 20, in four months I will be of legal drinking age and in nine months I will have finished college with a bachelors in science.
I do not feel like I look like a child.

I walk with confidence, I work year round while being committed to school, Greek life and family obligations.

Three years out of high school and this stranger makes me feel the need to grow and age and make it clear that I am beyond that.

Before seeing my resume. Before getting to know me. One glance and I’ve almost completely been overlooked. My third summer working full time for the same amazing people who all used to know me.

I have youth in my face that means in two years I will still be carded everywhere I go by people who see me as a youngin.

Day 8

My current Nano word count is still incredible low past the one week mark and slightly under 4000 words, I have a few days to decide to continue at all or drop it and the latter looks like the more realistic outcome.

Today My post will be about what fascinates me as tools for procrastination.

I know that there are millions of things I can do at any given time and I will not always choose the most responsible one but by the due date everything is done which is more than nothing.

In no particular order:

Human interactions: weather this be in the form of lets hang out for dinner, coffee, a night walk or a cuddle I value people in my life which is routed in my extrovert personality. But I also enjoy the interaction with people through my phone or computer. bring on the snap chat or text messages. I don’t feel as good with the indirect contact but if I don’t want to work yet this can be a beautiful distraction.

Ways to get to work. Put your phone on airplane mode close out of all distracting web pages and if you want to be with people try to have a study group or a dinner with a timer on so you can have a human break but get to work when needed.

Aimlessly eat or clean: To clean as a form of procrastinating is not too bad because at least something productive is getting done! But that is rare, I more likely clean because I have to or I am stressed and need to channel my nervous energy.  The eating is more of an issue, I’m not hungry I just eat to give myself a break from working.

Ways to get to work. go to the gym instead, the endorphins will make you feel better afterwards and the shower as a reward is so sweet.  Go for a short walk or run even it’s crazy how useless I become when I don’t move around.

Watching videos: This one is so hard weather it’s youtube or netflix. I do not have a very good computer right now (Because I dropped it) so my laptop tends to overheat when streaming video and that has been something of a blessing. I may never know how Jane the Virgin ends but I still manage to watch you tube or take internet quizzes. distractions are great for a short amount of time or if you have extra time but there are normally more important things to do.

Ways to get to work. If you have the will power just close out. If you don’t I used to go to the public computers at the library with no headphones in order to force myself to just read an article on the computer or write a long paper. With out audio I would not be tempted to listen to music or watch videos. There is also the added bonus of the library vibe that make me feel guilty to play candy crush.

Video games: I would play everything my computer could handle if only I had more time. I went through life is strange recently and at some point will write a review about that (Megan and I are replaying it now) I have been on and off with candy crush for a few years now but I used to play sims or Nancy Drew on the PC for hours straight. My mom would have to remind me repeatedly to eat and I would only get up on my own to go to the bathroom when there was no more waiting. Sometimes I would play till my eyes hurt and then keep playing for an hour or so. But at that time it was past midnight. (I miss my youthful summers)

Ways to get to work: set a timer or better yet just don’t start.

The key to all of this is prioritizing and moderation. I hope that helps someone and I think writing this helped me some I was able to get off YouTube to write this post and now maybe I will get through something else on  my check list.


Day 6

I spent all day at work in the dish room but I feel pretty good. From 7am to a little before six I was getting paid slightly above minimum wage. I need a new computer soon so this small extra income should help. Who knows maybe my next paycheck will be duly dedicated to the new hp that I pick on from a Black Friday/cyber Monday sale.

I am currently writing this post on my phone because it feels wrong to tell your computer it’s not good enough anymore. To be honest I really don’t want a new anything. I would love to go back to the flip phone and have my situation from a little over a year ago. Heck this time last year I was getting over a boy who now means nothing to me and I had no idea how much trouble lied ahead. I’m pretty sure this time last year my nano word count was much higher.

I’m currently just shy of a total 1000 words my goal for tonight is 4k total and I want to double what I have on Saturday alone. I want this weekend to go to GIS studying (100 flash cards made) and nano. Any other homework will get done and I plan to have a blast with Megan this weekend at her sleepover house party. More to come on that after it happens

So yeah crazy how a year can change a person but what was important stays the same.

Extrovert for life. 😉 if you have ever done type focus (Mayer brigs) look into it, it changes but super accurate personality test I’m EFNJ I think. I did it last night but 95% extrovert preference was a no duh. What are your personality?

Health Inspector

Last night I happened to stay up rather late (so my new normal time to go to sleep around 1:30 in the morning) with my previous roommate current suit mate Courtney. It was just one of those things where being in the same room and talking made the time fly by incredibly fast. We bonded over T Swift music and tried to do homework.

As for today I know It’s Monday and you deserve funday Monday but I don’t know what to tell you I can’t think of anything good to do the one I wanted to do would be wildly inappropriate for me now so I am just going to talk about myself. (Meaning nothing new for this blog.)

By default Miranda wins a webkinz code, she will be contacted about receiving it if she wants it.

Today I woke up and went to work nothing new there but with about an hour left in my shift I found out that the health inspector was checking us out and so the whole dish room got much more tense. Every dish was crubbed so hard with shaking fingers and every time a person moved to a new place even if nothing was being handled they washed their hands and put on new gloves.  As far as I know we passed but if not I am sure you will be hearing about it.

I have to send back a phone case because it arrived to me broken and that is frustrating.

For dinner I had some of the best tofu of my life.

I have started watching the TV show the 100 on netflix it’s good very much like the book.

I watched all of the bravest warriors web show over the weekend cat but is so cute here is a best of catbug video.

If this makes no sense to you that is okay; I met the boy who voices cat bug and wasted both his and his moms time to have them try to explain it to me. it’s just a fun show good not always logical accept that and it’s fun for a few hours and then when you wrap that up if you have recommendations I would not mind hearing them.

Other stuff is happening I guess but this is what I am giving you today maybe tomorrow i will tell you about my new nickname. Yeah that sounds like a plan some time this week that will happen

Till then happy reading and writing

My current nano word count is: 21705