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I have been shifting my energy from blogging to vlogging with my brother. this week i made a video about ET Atari 2600


I have fun with my little brother.

Moving forward we will dive into more things that we love and hope to grow with recomendations every view share or word of mouth means so much to me This is the biggest project i have taken on in a long time. I love the support.

Day 8

My current Nano word count is still incredible low past the one week mark and slightly under 4000 words, I have a few days to decide to continue at all or drop it and the latter looks like the more realistic outcome.

Today My post will be about what fascinates me as tools for procrastination.

I know that there are millions of things I can do at any given time and I will not always choose the most responsible one but by the due date everything is done which is more than nothing.

In no particular order:

Human interactions: weather this be in the form of lets hang out for dinner, coffee, a night walk or a cuddle I value people in my life which is routed in my extrovert personality. But I also enjoy the interaction with people through my phone or computer. bring on the snap chat or text messages. I don’t feel as good with the indirect contact but if I don’t want to work yet this can be a beautiful distraction.

Ways to get to work. Put your phone on airplane mode close out of all distracting web pages and if you want to be with people try to have a study group or a dinner with a timer on so you can have a human break but get to work when needed.

Aimlessly eat or clean: To clean as a form of procrastinating is not too bad because at least something productive is getting done! But that is rare, I more likely clean because I have to or I am stressed and need to channel my nervous energy.  The eating is more of an issue, I’m not hungry I just eat to give myself a break from working.

Ways to get to work. go to the gym instead, the endorphins will make you feel better afterwards and the shower as a reward is so sweet.  Go for a short walk or run even it’s crazy how useless I become when I don’t move around.

Watching videos: This one is so hard weather it’s youtube or netflix. I do not have a very good computer right now (Because I dropped it) so my laptop tends to overheat when streaming video and that has been something of a blessing. I may never know how Jane the Virgin ends but I still manage to watch you tube or take internet quizzes. distractions are great for a short amount of time or if you have extra time but there are normally more important things to do.

Ways to get to work. If you have the will power just close out. If you don’t I used to go to the public computers at the library with no headphones in order to force myself to just read an article on the computer or write a long paper. With out audio I would not be tempted to listen to music or watch videos. There is also the added bonus of the library vibe that make me feel guilty to play candy crush.

Video games: I would play everything my computer could handle if only I had more time. I went through life is strange recently and at some point will write a review about that (Megan and I are replaying it now) I have been on and off with candy crush for a few years now but I used to play sims or Nancy Drew on the PC for hours straight. My mom would have to remind me repeatedly to eat and I would only get up on my own to go to the bathroom when there was no more waiting. Sometimes I would play till my eyes hurt and then keep playing for an hour or so. But at that time it was past midnight. (I miss my youthful summers)

Ways to get to work: set a timer or better yet just don’t start.

The key to all of this is prioritizing and moderation. I hope that helps someone and I think writing this helped me some I was able to get off YouTube to write this post and now maybe I will get through something else on  my check list.