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Hopped on a bus and got to see the French country side on a very long journie from Paris to Spain

Got to Barcelona went to an amazing hostel called St. Christophers and would recommend it was less than $10 a night and free wifi and breakfast and a walking tour. I met some amazing people there too, definitely worth it. The first night I walked around and saw all these lights decorating the streets.

I went to park Guell and saw all the beautiful mosaic and whimsical architecture. It felt like living in a Dr. Suess book

Went to tapas and had loads of fun drinking wine sangria and eating loads of little amounts of food


There was amazing chalk art in Paris  

The catacombs came to be because the limestone had been dug out of the undergrounds of Paris to build cathedrals and such. The tunnels were left behind and inspected with this alpha numeric system. The initials of the inspector and the year

The bones were moved from many cemetaries all over the city that had been sent into disrepair. the bones could be relocated into this place that was otherwise just empty tunnels. This is the largest burial ground now  

The patterns were beautiful with all the skulls and femurs.

The stone could be mined quite far up and then it needed to be reinforced and form this bell shape up in the air.

I met Aaron Lopresti fresh off of Germany Comicon, he does the pencil sketches for the wonder women comics. We went to lunch together after the catacombs.

I finished that day with a museum of art that made ya think.

Dublin day 1

 Way too early this morning I got on a plane with a few friends to Dublin Ireland   
Napped on the flight. Had a cute exchange with imma fraction about my Irish last name and why I had been stamped back in 2012 for visiting Ireland 

  Had a meal at a pub names the hairy lemon. 

  Great good fanominal service. Would reccomend. (Tip is included in bill)
The bathroom had a perfume dispenser. I didn’t have coins but what a cute idea. 

I went to Dublin castle wich is house of a art exibit    
A painting I cork where my Irish fam is from. 


Castle living room with many chandaleers. 
Guiniss tour (walked through old add campaigns. )

Poured a pint for myself 🍻 

I’m a pro now. Certificate and everything. 


Went to dinner with my moms local Irish friend who is super cool at a place called gotham


So I am dead tired and about to take a nap. It’s 3pm London time and my first day in the uk. I have checked into my hotel and want to recap.

I am really hoping to do theses travel blog diary posts a few times a week so I can document what I have accomplished. (And save my pictures in an orderly fashion)

Starting way too early my family tucked away my three bags and piled into the car. Off to philidelphia where it is always sunny and my flight was booked to fly out of. The nerves start to simmer.

We got a bit lost using the gps. Not because we can not follow directions. Well we can follow the gps but the paper directions which would have saved is some time yeah we can’t follow those. What kind of old age demon is mapquest. 😈👿. So what ever goofy back seat selfie opertunity.

My mom and one brother stayed with me through checking my bag and up to security. Once they saw I was through there was not much left. I got through no problems but was able to call my brother before try left. My mom walked along side me one floor down. The clear glass modern look of philly air port made it possible for is to wave good but until I started crying.

Now the fam is gone. I do no. Know anyone in the airport and have five ours to burn. I charge and play video games. Eat candy and a pretzal. Try to talk to people but I failed the who can speak English game. So mostly head phones to avoid silence.

No one wants black lichorish. I kow i am the ignominy. Which is part if why I built it. So I never have to share.

Full flight. I was happy to have an old seat.

And all my stuff fit.


With a hour of sleep on the plane under my eyelids I felt like I had pulled an all nighter. The issue was it was only like 10am London time and honestly I was pleased to get through immagration with out any real trouble. So from here I went to baggage claim to find my bags and the freeest wifi. (I am not planning on getting a sim or new phone so wifi or bust on this trip #offTheGrid #Almost)

With pretty much no paitence left in my being I had to wait while the bags were slowly released onto the revolving cart and by the time my pink luggage with orange handle rounded the corner I was ready to dance.

I now had all my stuff for the next 111 days on my person and it was not very well orginized for travel so I repacked in a manner that I had a back pack and two rolling bags. Went to the Lou and followed the signs to the underground. Thanks to my coworker Kate I had my ride paid for on an oyster card. But some people were paying the rediculious 22 pounds to take the direct train, this was 3.10 (free for me ;D)

I met a very nice man who works the airport and was just getting off a 12 hour shift. He helped me with the tube and walked me to the hotel. We arrived at noon and that gave me 2 hours to get lunch and explore before I could check in. I was luckily able to leave the luggage. So I went to find lunch.

It was odd to me that the prices vary depending on where you eat the meal. I paid the most to eat inside but I really needed a place to entertain myself and this had wifi plus it was a very nice veggie meal.

This park is right by my hotel and so I sat down with a pen and some post cards and wrote notes for the people back home that I have addresses for.

Dinner I took out and ate on a bench so it was cheaper and It was the best veggie quiche I have ever had. Like a mini pizza with flakey crust and egg instead of tomato sauce.

So far this is the best picture of my trip. I found a huge chess board and a paddington bear to hug.