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Let’s review last year’s

New Years resolutions for 2016. 

1 better quality work especially for blog posts.

I don’t know how I did on this one, I did post less garbage but I also posted less. This is something I can keep in mind moving forward

2 stop casual cursing. It started in April it needs to end now.

I did well in the summer but it’s not great. I mean well and when I do it casually now it’s still less so another one to keep working on. I can’t curse at Disney and because I did it for work once I know I can do it again.

3 keep up with the people who care and let go if those who don’t (which plays into #4)

YES! I did a really good job here I went to Scotland and kept in touch with the people that not only cared about me but I cared about them.

4 soul search 2k16 .


Not too good on this front but also I am really content right now have been for more than a week and that is something I didn’t know I could accomplish so even though i failed the wiki how version of a soul search I found myself and so that may be a win.

5 the obligatory health resolution. Eat better work out more sleep responsibly and drink water ect.

Yes, I drank my water and cooked for myself which involved buying my own food and not the junk. I played quidditch and though I could have worked out more I did a good job with what I did.

6 I had this one last year too but I don’t want to forget it. (Work in progress.) Be present when with people and don’t use your phone as an escape. When you are alone you’re really feeling it so don’t distance when with People.

I did very well but also my phone didn’t work for four months while I was abroad so it was even easier.


This may be something I regret later but for now I am doing so well that I do not have any resolutions. I am starting a youtube sibling vlog with william my brother so posting weekly there and keeping this up while I work and try to find new things to do both work and entertainment is all I can think of needing.

Try to stay positive the way i am now. All i want is to want nothing is acheivable.


So now that there has been the kick off to summer weekend memorial day behind me and job hours starting to pick up I should set my summer goals.

I want to pass my summer class, Early US History, not that it interests me but definitely something I have to get through.

Meet up with people as often as you can. I have to work as much as I can but I should take time off and hang out with the people I care about.

If I can’t meet up at least stay in contact.

Play some of the PC games that you keep buying and never even download (40% of my steam is un-played and that is super depressing. )

Get crafty, I have some projects in mind but they are doing me no good in there.

INGRESS- I’m thinking about starting a spin off site for this because I love the app and would find pleasure in a photo based recap blog so if I still love the app after the summer class I will start that up.

Be less stubborn and work on the improvements you set back for new years resolutions.


If you want to see what I was working on for 2016, I know I needed the refresher.

This summer may not be the best summer of my life but it can be a very good summer.

Stay hot and I will post again next week