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Work nails

I have for years been painting my nails starting seriously at the end of middle school with mastering basic application and shaping then miving to highschool and college where i would put in hours of time for elaborite creations. Sharing them at the end of the month and finding praise in doing so. 

I am now working for walt dosney world and not aloud to have even clear on because it could chip off into the food. I went a month with nude nails the longest span of time since i was 12. As an adult feeling robbed of my privilage 

I had two days off and painted  

 Them beautifly just to take it all off for work this morning 

Day 12

I did not have the greatest end to the day and so instead of writing about it I will be doing a nailed it post. Also I am not participating in nanowrimo this year, I should have trusted my gut and not signed up.

iphone 14 002

iphone 14 018

iphone 14 044

iphonw 14 099

So I either forgot to take pictures or got so boring about painting my nails due to my recent decision to commit to glitter.

Nailed it Feb.

It’s a nail art week which means February is pretty much over, wow that was fast. This month was eventful for me, I have gotten to a place that is very good. I am happy almost always I sleep almost never and I am doing better in baby orgo than I ever did in Chem 112 (which doesn’t say much but hey D+ is better than F-). I love my nails and sharing them but some times doing this post feels like it robs me from sharing writing with you. Other weeks it’s a relief to not have to write more.

I have mixed feelings about this weeks post. I love blogging and it has forced me to go through things with people in a way that I do not get to experience (except with Julia none of my friends blog in a way that puts them out there the way I do). I love having an outlet but I need to always keep in mind that this ‘black mirror’ that reflects back to me is clear glass to you (meaning the reader that is not Rachel) I do not mind sharing what is going on but After sharing something about someone that was not really mine to share I am realizing that there needs to be two things the public stuff for rachelrecaps and the private stuff that is just for me.

Sorry not sorry about that; if you want to know what is going on in my life to a deeper level just hang out with me or send me an email okeefer19@yahoo.com I will get back to you quickly. This weekend I get to go skating with my sorority sisters and study until I am a smarty pants who only wears skirts. (Stats and Orgo exam this week NBD.) I am really happy and I don’t know how long I will be that way but I hope it lasts a nice long while. Happiness is so fleeting but so worth working towards. Like today I got a free t-shirt from the gym for going to their inside out love yourself events which were fun anyway. I am going to miss college when I have to go. But that is years away.

Now nail art time. Sorry for the cheats i have 2 stick ons but that is the best thing working dish room.


stick 2stick on

poThank You Merrie these are great Mark. colors.


stick 1Stick ons

scrable love


So I kept it simple for this month Some day I will stop working with water and dirty dishes but until then I just do not have the energy to spend hours on nails that get destroyed in a few minutes.

iphone 6 016 The cutest little gift box from my more than amazing Aunt Merrie. I will never be able to thank you enough regardless of how many cards and shout out I give you; with that said I will keep trying and say thank you again. ❤

Nail post

Congratulations to you wonderful person who decided to read my blog and also is either the most brilliant one day old baby, happen to live anywhere other than the east coast or managed to live through the blizzard, it was real for New England. We got snow I don’t have a good idea of how much but it canceled 2 days of class which gave me time to hang with the gorham groupies and do a bit of school work and gt a couple more state capitals to stick in my head. I can’t believe it’s already time for nail art. You would think I would have done more nail art with the sowed in factor and the end of winter break but I just didn’t. Unrelated, when I was doing 2 posts a week it was less of a drain but right now having to post the nail art feels like it’s restricting me from my personal expression I will continue doing it and I hate how much I have changed first the day of the week then adding then dropping post scheduling. My sincere apologizes.

Nail art, welcome to 2015


2015the quality is awful on this one but it was 2015 in Rhine stones

tribeThis is one of my all time favorites

pladStickers not done by hand

3 colTape for the precision!

bowbow and stripes



and what i have now is a discrete I can’t stand what my job does to my nails but I need the work to keep my iphone running and be able to purchase things like access codes and text books and have fun.

I will keep you posted but I may be doing something new this weekend so that is much exciting.

Nailed it November

I know it’s a day late but come on guys I posted for 31 days straight now so pleas be forgiving.

Nail art just a few for this month sorry about that maybe next month because I will have a good amount of time home and an Iphone to take pictures on there may be a better turn out.



Picture3sorry those were such a mess I forgot to take a picture before work



Yep that’s it and for the most part they are really simple but still beautiful. If I make it to Thursday alive ( chances of that are very good (I don’t think I will die from a sinus infection and or chem lab)) Expect another post but one that may be good again cuz it’s been a while since I had one with good writing stuff, only time will tell. Thanks for reading!!

Nailed it October

Greetings to all my fellow friends readers and well i think that would be everyone who is reading this. I have decided that even though I am super busy to a point of being nearly unable to do anything I will be doing NaNoWriMo and following Julia by writing a blog post every day of the month of November. This is going to be extremely hard to do while working to not fail any of my classes, working, having a boyfriend and being involved in like 10 clubs.

Yes you read that correctly I now have a boy friend it’s really cool he’s the boy that I have been mentioning for the past few weeks, the one that I met at drag ball is now my boyfriend. pictures will be arriving soon on that front.

I feel obligated to give you nail art even though i have not been doing anything all that intriguing or often, most of the time I do not photograph solid color and that is what I did this month so a few nail art pics and I will talk to you on Saturday day one on November.








Nikon 3-16 168

So that is all for now I guess hope that you are ready for a crazy and hopefully amazing month that is November about to begin.

nailed it september

So because it is the end of the month (did it fly by for you or drag because mine seemed to do both depending on the time frame) I have some nail art for you. This is not going to be very impressive compared to the summer posts where all I did was go to work and sleep so my nails were manicured all the time but now with school work and everything else my nails are not as nice looking or done as often. for that I apologize.

I love working at school but it is not the same as working my summer job which i miss more that I should. Here is so few hours and so easy that it doesn’t feel like real work and because I have so few hours the paychecks (every other week) are basically spent before I get another one. But with out a doubt having the spending money is nice other wise I just would not go shopping at savers with my friends or get sorority zip up hoodies or farmers market food and so on.

The point of saying all that was the dish room destroys my hands and it’s discouraging to have to redo my nails all the time so I do them a lot less now only for special occasions and also I am really loving the simple looks with just a touch of glitter for detail so sorry for the less elaborate than usual nail post.



purp 2

gradient bl



dark pink

So i am going to go paint my nails right now and think about my life.

I want to put in a poll but don’t know how to so I will have to make all the decisions by myself.  I will no longer be doing vegan Mondays while at school because they are not productive and make me rather unhappy so when I go home we’ll see what happens but not here.

I may be redoing everything and reformat and do things on different days so this may be the last nail post for all i know my life is changing and it seems only fair for my blog to change with it otherwise I don’t think I will enjoy doing this for me or you guys.


farmers market food



Nailed it July

So this is the first time i am writing a post on wordpress but not publishing it immediately. so for those of you seeing this on Thursday the 31st or any date after that you I am just saying I made the post two days before on Tuesday because of my availability to the internet.  Nothing to really say this week so lets get to the nail art. As of right now on Tuesday I had not gotten any comments about the free snuggie raffle so that will not be happening though the one and only commenter Miranda has won a prize for being the most vocal reader.



piihWinnie the Pooh

bowforth of July

flagstars and stripes

dots I think these are one of my favorites

peace birdpeace and birds


bandana 2 bandanabandanna print for wild west at work

heroheros for the Iron Man 3 movie on the beach

orange flower

green lace red lace

Christmas in July red and green lace


bird shirt bird

based on the shirt I wore to six flags last week

daisyand my current design daisies.


If there is anything you want me to try leave it in the comments and please feel free to like the post as well as leave a comment I love feedback.