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Let’s review last year’s

New Years resolutions for 2016. 

1 better quality work especially for blog posts.

I don’t know how I did on this one, I did post less garbage but I also posted less. This is something I can keep in mind moving forward

2 stop casual cursing. It started in April it needs to end now.

I did well in the summer but it’s not great. I mean well and when I do it casually now it’s still less so another one to keep working on. I can’t curse at Disney and because I did it for work once I know I can do it again.

3 keep up with the people who care and let go if those who don’t (which plays into #4)

YES! I did a really good job here I went to Scotland and kept in touch with the people that not only cared about me but I cared about them.

4 soul search 2k16 .


Not too good on this front but also I am really content right now have been for more than a week and that is something I didn’t know I could accomplish so even though i failed the wiki how version of a soul search I found myself and so that may be a win.

5 the obligatory health resolution. Eat better work out more sleep responsibly and drink water ect.

Yes, I drank my water and cooked for myself which involved buying my own food and not the junk. I played quidditch and though I could have worked out more I did a good job with what I did.

6 I had this one last year too but I don’t want to forget it. (Work in progress.) Be present when with people and don’t use your phone as an escape. When you are alone you’re really feeling it so don’t distance when with People.

I did very well but also my phone didn’t work for four months while I was abroad so it was even easier.


This may be something I regret later but for now I am doing so well that I do not have any resolutions. I am starting a youtube sibling vlog with william my brother so posting weekly there and keeping this up while I work and try to find new things to do both work and entertainment is all I can think of needing.

Try to stay positive the way i am now. All i want is to want nothing is acheivable.

Working Toward Happyness

I have gone through some things this week that I do not want to publicly announce, I hope you can understand that and if you want to know what is going on just ask me in person. (Unless this is me Rachel reading it in a year becuase if I no longer remember I can’t tell myself.) Today is my half birthday that wonderful time in the dead smack middle of 19 years old six months in six months to go. I have to really take advantage of this last six months of being a teenager and that is where we get into the fun stuff.

I want to thank my Aunt Merrie for going above and beyond her family duties by sending me a printer, bracelet and nail polish things I will use all the time but would not have bought for myself.

To Kyle and Jen for reading my blog and telling me.

To my sigma alpha sisters who have helped me plan rush

And to the people that keep me sane (this list is really long so if you think you help me there is a very high chance that you have and do.)

I have started this lifelong challenge to take a one second video every day for the rest of my life. It is not a selfie style thing but rather a me POV so today it was snowing and I captured one second of it.

Some funny things have happened I have been getting phone calls from family, the computer place and the school for a variety of things.

I am currently and for a long time will be working on figuring out what will make me happy and what is making it impossible for me to be happy and with that doing more of the positive and trying to eliminate the negative. For example at this time I have decided to take a break from learning the states and capitals but i’d say we could still be friends, the map will stay close to me.

On that note I have decided I want to reduce my face book usage by as much as possible so I will still use messenger but as for the actual site I will be on no longer than 10 minutes a day. This will be difficult but I believe in myself enough to do it I stopped playing candy crush and feel so much better for it.

That feels like I told you so much but now by popular request chapter 7 of Collin and Jade. (thank you Kyle for reading this really ruff draft. I am gonna warn you it gets so much worse because I didn’t know where it was going nor did I edit anything past page 40.)

Chapter 7 Jade

“Thank you for the ride Mrs. Norbert.” Becca is being super nice because she is around my mom but she should know better. My mom is super cool; not the kind of adult you feel nervous around and suck up to.

“Becca how many times to I have to tell you are no longer in grade school, you can call me Sarah.” See what I mean about my mom being cool.

“Sorry Sarah it’s a force of habit to call my friends parents by their last names. But I will try to remember to call you Sarah.” We all know that will not happen she has been reminded of this a few times a month ever since we graduated middle school.

“If you don’t I will have to start calling you Rebecca, and let’s see how you like that?” We are at a red light and my mom turns back to look Becca in the eye. It’s pretty funny that Becca is intimidated by my mom’s halfhearted name calling threat. I don’t think Becca would even respond to Rebecca just because she does not see it as her name even though it is.

“What were your plans for today?” Mom asks in a friendly way.

“We want to figure out if we still need to go Halloween shopping this weekend; oh on that note can you drive us to the mall on Saturday?”

“I can’t wait until you can drive yourself; being your choufer is getting real old Jade but yes, I can bring you two this weekend as long as we leave after one.” Mom rolls her eyes “Thanks for the warning girls.”

“We only thought of it today. And after one is fine with me.” Becca is really happy to hear we have our shopping day set up with my mom because if we had to use her mom we would not be looking sexy we would be covered and cute, not really what we (or at least what I) wanted.

“Yeah and we were thinking of reading Shakespeare lines tonight, we have a project for Lit.” I tell decide to announce to the car.

“Sounds like you have a plan. Becca would you like to stay for dinner we are having a stir fry so the more the merrier.”

“I will have to double check with my mom but that would be really great thank you Sarah.”

My mom pulls into the drive way and we all get out, I live in a beautiful old brick house, with black shutters, white columns and multiple chimneys that we never use. The house has been recognizes as historical and I find it pretty cool that I get to live in a piece of history. So many of the family’s Connecticut live in lookalike newly built developments. I appreciate and love the fact that I get to be different. There are trees to hide the house from unwanted eyes but in a few weeks they will lose all of their leaves and the camouflage purpose will no longer exist. Some of the leaves are still green but some have started to change to yellow and red. I love fall so much. The red leaves look truly beautiful against the brick exterior of my house.

My mom opens the black door with her keys that have the cutest keep sakes. For my parent’s one year anniversary of dating dad took mom out to a nice restaurant for dinner and at the end of the night there was flowers of course but also a small key chain. It was half of a heart with a magnet on the torn part. My father explained that separately he was only half a person but together when together he would be whole again. This was my dad’s way of giving her his heart. And to this day they both keep the silver magnetic heart key chains on their house keys. The house is where the heart is so they have that organized together. There is some perfect match for everyone in the world the hard part is finding them, my parents were just lucky to find each other so quickly and know so fast.

“Girls go upstairs and play dress up, if you want to look through my clothes too just ask and I will see what I can do for you. If you want to do homework in the den that is also an option, if you need me just holler.”

“K Mom. See you at dinner.” I tell her as running up the stairs two at a time.

“Or sooner my beautiful girls.” Mom is headed in the opposite direction; she knows we are barely listening to her anymore.

I had some ideas of what Becca should try on first. I shuffle through my skirt draw until I get to the back and see what I am looking for, it’s a blue plaid skirt that I wore a few years ago and it was so cute. Then I filled out and well it was too small to get over my thighs but if it fits Becca it would be perfect. I throw Becca the garment of clothing. “Try this on.”

Becca gets out of her work out shorts and easily slips into the skirt. “How do I look?” she gives a tight little twirl, as if wobbling on heals even though she is barefooted.

“Scandalous, it’s perfect and yours.” I will never fit into it ever again any how so I might as well let Becca keep the super cute and short skirt, every girl needs a few of those sexy pieces.

“I can’t my mom would kill me if she ever found it.” Becca wiggles out of the skirt and holds it in her hand. “You know she is nowhere near as cool as your mom.” That is true but my mom is a true blessing and not like most parental figures. I think that is because she is still young compared to most of my friend’s parents she is easily five or more years younger.

“Fine I will bring it to school on Halloween and you can change into it there. Do you want to look for anything else? We are just going to have to get fish net high stockings over the weekend I don’t have any. And we already have button downs and then our blazers so costume made.”

“What are you going to put on?” Becca is nervous to hear me tell her what I’ve got planned for me.

“I am not going to leave you hanging Bec,” I dig around the draw some more until I find a skirt very similar to the one Becca tried on, the difference is in shape, it hugs my hips and then puffs out a bit but it is still super short, barely covers my booty.

“That looks far more respectable,” Becca drops the skirt in her hand to the floor, “I don’t want to wear that.” she says eyeing the blue swatch of fabric on the floor with disgust as if it were a dead animal.

“You don’t have to, I will not force you to do anything I hope you realize that. And by the way I love the skirt you just disrespected.” I pick up the skirt from the floor with the care you would give to an injured bird or a baby “Sorry skirt, Becca didn’t mean to kill your spirit. Be happy you got worn at all because unless you grow a whole lot I am never going to see you on my body ever again.”

We both laugh, that was enough to break the awkwardness and I am glad. I do not mind making a fool of myself in front of Becca she’s seen it before and will definitely see me like that again. I feel extremely comfortable around her. I flop down on my bed messing up the tucked in bedding. I have white sheets with lace and pink bows on the comforter. My bed is far girlier than I would like but I do not complain about it out loud. My mom chose my sheets as a gift, she said they were princess sheets for my queen sized bed. So for my mom’s sake I do not bring it up. And almost no one sees my bed any way so it’s not like they have to impress anybody.

“You may want to put on some pants before you sit on anything, my bed especially.” I tell Becca with a smile and we break into another round of laughter.

Becca puts on pants and we sit on my bed reading the tempest using different voices and accents for each character. It’s a real blast reading medieval writing in modern day Boston and valley girl accents. It’ sad when dinner is called and before we knew it, it was time for my mom to drive Becca home for the night, it also means time for me to go to sleep. Before I know it I will wake up and it will be Friday. I lay under the frilly comforter and close my eyes; that is all I remember.

iphone 5 059I will post again in a week if not sooner, cause you know this is only a one Thursday a week kind of blog right now.