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Dawns and eves

I hav. Been going to sleep rather early feeling very tired And then I tend to wake up early. I’m still on something of a London time but going back home the jet lag has me operating in regular hours so I’m not too concerned. 

It is Christmas Eve and I woke before dawn the anticipation of tonight’s party for my family and tomorrow’s family gathering that scream tradition without seeing if that is a precocial responce. 

I read an article yesterday about how coming home to the fully dynamic one grew up with can often trigger a regression of sorts. Being emotionally put back to the day things were for you as a teen. I can feel the regression in myself and I just want to move along. I have a job lined up some ways away and am eager for that to begin. 

Cheers to my friend and neighbor growing up Ewa(happy bday) and her daughter Della, seeing you twice a year is so little when you think about how we used to play together every day

NYC Christmas day trip

I know it’s not Christmas quite yet but it is close enough that celebrations are acceptable(ish). Today I went into NYC to do a bunch of fun candy related things and all the tourist things that you have to do around this time of year.  So picture time.

iphone 2 046The first of many displays I saw (Penn Station)

iphone 2 047got a salted pretzel (an New York MUST in my opinion)

iphone 2 055 Posed with some statues (Craig took the pictures)

iphone 2 061 Grouped up with Seth Kelly and 2 other (non URI) Connecticut kids

iphone 2 063URI friends with a fake water sculpture

iphone 2 066 iphone 2 070Rockefeller Center with the tree and the ice rink. We got to see a man propose on the ice, it was so cute.

iphone 2 0755th ave window displays

iphone 2 078American Girl Store

iphone 2 080Disney store (If you are thinking of seeing Big Hero 6 Go for it!)

iphone 2 086 iphone 2 084Candy Stores

iphone 2 082

iphone 2 089I even figured out getting home.

iphone 2 090

So that was my day and now I am jamming to J Biebes Mistletoe to get in the Christmas mood. Good night