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There was amazing chalk art in Paris  

The catacombs came to be because the limestone had been dug out of the undergrounds of Paris to build cathedrals and such. The tunnels were left behind and inspected with this alpha numeric system. The initials of the inspector and the year

The bones were moved from many cemetaries all over the city that had been sent into disrepair. the bones could be relocated into this place that was otherwise just empty tunnels. This is the largest burial ground now  

The patterns were beautiful with all the skulls and femurs.

The stone could be mined quite far up and then it needed to be reinforced and form this bell shape up in the air.

I met Aaron Lopresti fresh off of Germany Comicon, he does the pencil sketches for the wonder women comics. We went to lunch together after the catacombs.

I finished that day with a museum of art that made ya think.

Dublin day 2

 I took a bus your tot cliffs of moire   
Visited am Obama museum 

Did some exploring 

The wind was so stron that pond was making waves. 

Oh how I’ve missed the Atlantic Ocean. 

Live music. 

Cap that nj you for 400 days of snapchat it’s been a good way to hear from eachother fault. 

Unhappy sleep

I have a rule for myself. I have many but the one at hand right now is I will not go to sleep unhappy. I can be neutral or above but I won’t fall asleep in tears. The sleep when you’re miserable is not all that good anyway.

Last night was a doozie. I worked late then got through some work, I knew all week that it would be a 1am or later night. Around lights out I get a message asking to accept a call from a friend back home so I accept it. The call lasts for more than an hour and ends with me very grumpy and upset. Not much got done and I’m pushing close to the point of sleep or sunrise.

I write a long list of hour by hour must do activities for the morning. To many important things for an all nighter.

So I binge watch brain barely on yes solidly open. Thank you netfilx for the new season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt but why does it take you a year to put a new season up (one weekend to watch one year to make more).

I haven’t given pictures in a while but these are pretty cute. Top is my at umass Lowell this weekend goofing around. And the bottom is a pineapple bird I stole from work. Currently it is living in my roommate’s fridge.