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I did the thing finished nanowrimo National Novel Writing month i did not fully follow the rules but i have no need for a novel so writing a generalized 50000 words mostly in short stories this month was still very impressive


thank you to everyone who supported me in writing but also in just living. I had the least productive win so far but also the best one I did not destroy my social life or sleep schedule. The days I wrote I wrote a lot but the ones I didn’t I was traveling or just needed to rest. This was an amazing experience and I am so glad I did it.

Time to go back to December 😀



Dublin day 3

I am back home in Edinburgh now already missing Ireland.

I started the day by visiting Trinity college explored the campus and found this beautiful sculpture. Reminded me of the bean.img_3418-0

The buildings were so beautiful like a film set.

Went to a historic Irish museum, played with the jubox  

Practiced my printing press skills

Learned about Alfie the amazing mayor that once was. Took a selfie with his wax figure.

Oscar Wilde tribute park right around the corner of his house. (i am reading A Picture of Dorian Grey right now)

Went on a jail tour and learned some history

Jail sell painted with a Madonna   

The jail entrance where there used to be hangings, public execution was a pass time for many civilians.

The original Irish republic document is worth a quarter mill (we should steal the deceleration of independence, was all i could think of.)  

Dublin day 2

 I took a bus your tot cliffs of moire   
Visited am Obama museum 

Did some exploring 

The wind was so stron that pond was making waves. 

Oh how I’ve missed the Atlantic Ocean. 

Live music. 

Cap that nj you for 400 days of snapchat it’s been a good way to hear from eachother fault. 

Dublin day 1

 Way too early this morning I got on a plane with a few friends to Dublin Ireland   
Napped on the flight. Had a cute exchange with imma fraction about my Irish last name and why I had been stamped back in 2012 for visiting Ireland 

  Had a meal at a pub names the hairy lemon. 

  Great good fanominal service. Would reccomend. (Tip is included in bill)
The bathroom had a perfume dispenser. I didn’t have coins but what a cute idea. 

I went to Dublin castle wich is house of a art exibit    
A painting I cork where my Irish fam is from. 


Castle living room with many chandaleers. 
Guiniss tour (walked through old add campaigns. )

Poured a pint for myself 🍻 

I’m a pro now. Certificate and everything. 


Went to dinner with my moms local Irish friend who is super cool at a place called gotham


Today is the day, Pokemon go to the polls.

It is so important to vote I’m against trump but this is my first presidential election and I sent in an absentee ballot. Not only voting for potus but also school board and things.

There are third parties and I wanted to vote for one of then but recently the fear of trump willing made me feel the need to go for Hillary

So for now #ImWithHer 🇺🇸💁

Day 3

Nanowrimo a but above target. Tonight I made cupcakes with Charleen.

A game of cupcake roulette.

A simple game where half the cupcakes have good fillings like chocolate or honey or penut butter.

And the other half are gross. Things like spinich tomato paste and soy Sause.

Everyone takes turns eating a cupcake someone else chose for them and it’s a draw what you have to eat.

This time I recieved garlic, lemon zest and tomato paste.

Day 14

Today has been filled with crafts for the very exciting big-little reveal. Pictures will come. Tonight’s post is co-written by Ben, the most awesome person in the world.

Ben posted two sentences so he may not understand how long an average blog post is

Like there is short and then there is I gave no cares and just barely touched the keyboard before hitting send.

He is currently watching over my shoulder and making me very self conscious about how bad my spelling and typing skills are.

I have been painting for hours today between canvas’s with cute phrases, picture frames and mason jars. I am lucky that more than one person liked me so I now get twice the crafting!!!

I need to give a special thanks to pintrest which has consumed my weekend.

Thursday when I can put up a post full of picture this will have more of an effect.

Enjoy your weekend


Friday the 13th

So let’s start with happy Friday the 13th, a beautiful day that happens every once in a while and makes me think of my high school friend Fara. Who was totally obsessed with all things horror. especially Jason Voorhees and Freddy Kruger.


Spooky horror and scary movies are so fun with friends in either the serious or make fun of way. I personalty prefer comedy so count me in for a spoof.

I hope you stayed away from broken mirrors and walking under ladders. Stay safe and have a good Friday

Day 12

I did not have the greatest end to the day and so instead of writing about it I will be doing a nailed it post. Also I am not participating in nanowrimo this year, I should have trusted my gut and not signed up.

iphone 14 002

iphone 14 018

iphone 14 044

iphonw 14 099

So I either forgot to take pictures or got so boring about painting my nails due to my recent decision to commit to glitter.