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Day 3

Nanowrimo a but above target. Tonight I made cupcakes with Charleen.

A game of cupcake roulette.

A simple game where half the cupcakes have good fillings like chocolate or honey or penut butter.

And the other half are gross. Things like spinich tomato paste and soy Sause.

Everyone takes turns eating a cupcake someone else chose for them and it’s a draw what you have to eat.

This time I recieved garlic, lemon zest and tomato paste.

NYC Christmas day trip

I know it’s not Christmas quite yet but it is close enough that celebrations are acceptable(ish). Today I went into NYC to do a bunch of fun candy related things and all the tourist things that you have to do around this time of year.  So picture time.

iphone 2 046The first of many displays I saw (Penn Station)

iphone 2 047got a salted pretzel (an New York MUST in my opinion)

iphone 2 055 Posed with some statues (Craig took the pictures)

iphone 2 061 Grouped up with Seth Kelly and 2 other (non URI) Connecticut kids

iphone 2 063URI friends with a fake water sculpture

iphone 2 066 iphone 2 070Rockefeller Center with the tree and the ice rink. We got to see a man propose on the ice, it was so cute.

iphone 2 0755th ave window displays

iphone 2 078American Girl Store

iphone 2 080Disney store (If you are thinking of seeing Big Hero 6 Go for it!)

iphone 2 086 iphone 2 084Candy Stores

iphone 2 082

iphone 2 089I even figured out getting home.

iphone 2 090

So that was my day and now I am jamming to J Biebes Mistletoe to get in the Christmas mood. Good night

Goodbye Butterfield

Today is my last day on campus and in some ways thank goodness because quiet hours have been killing me.

iphone 2 042

iphone 2 043

iphone 2 044

iphone 2 045

iphone 2 012

So at least this year the RA’s were funny about it.

Another thing I had my last day of work at butterfield 😦

So snap chats from that

iphone 2 048

iphone 2 051

iphone 2 050

iphone 2 049

And I got to sign the wall (renovations)

iphone 2 076

iphone 2 075My personal writing  “Working here was a blast, I’m gonna miss u Butterfield” _Rachel 7am

So now after all the great and not so great times I have had this semester I am just about ready to load up the car and head home to NJ were I have to finish up a final paper and submit it online before tomorrow at 5pm. I can do this. It’s been a very long stretch of time for me a struggle and though I will miss parts of the times I spent here it is definitely time for my winter break.

More to come Thursday

Reading days

I have a lot on my mind none of which I want to put on rachel recaps so to avoid my mind I will give you some pictures of what I have done or plan to do during reading days. ..

take a nap


watch netflix(I just went through all of American horror story coven in 2 days)


work an extra shift

This picture was taken after I had left but this is pretty much the crew I worked with all summer Thank you Ann for posting this on FB love you guys
This picture was taken after I had left but this is pretty much the crew I worked with all summer Thank you Ann for posting this on FB love you guys

paint nails

10-20 025

run ( or the gym or what ever excessive you like today I plan to do body pump)

body pump

and eventually once well rested and fed you should study I know it’s not what you want to do but pretty soon Christmas break is here


Study hard and good luck on the finals, I know I need the luck and the curves to pass all my classes this semester (curse Chemistry)  🌞💝😳📖

Nailed it November

I know it’s a day late but come on guys I posted for 31 days straight now so pleas be forgiving.

Nail art just a few for this month sorry about that maybe next month because I will have a good amount of time home and an Iphone to take pictures on there may be a better turn out.



Picture3sorry those were such a mess I forgot to take a picture before work



Yep that’s it and for the most part they are really simple but still beautiful. If I make it to Thursday alive ( chances of that are very good (I don’t think I will die from a sinus infection and or chem lab)) Expect another post but one that may be good again cuz it’s been a while since I had one with good writing stuff, only time will tell. Thanks for reading!!

Songs I Can’t Stop Listening to

This post is a funday Monday post so short and sweet is what I am aiming for. I am going to post five songs that I love (and for the most part I love the bands that they are from) to death but not many people know exist.

I have heard this song over 200 times in the last two days and that is not an exaduration I have a repeat counter on it’s not a problem, (what is a problem is I am starting to get sick of it.) If you like this song I recommend the short film I Ship It worth the twenty minutes.

This one is by a band I only know because I saw them live once in a theme park totally random free really good I bought their EP this song was not on it but I love it. my mom’s advice is not to sing the choirs in the super market take a listen and you will know why.

Another person I saw only once he opened for a local venue that was quite fun I spent the day with my writing friend Lillie H. This is Anson Li with one of the cutest songs on this list “I Swear”

I found this band Said the Whale earlier this year and the people that were around me and especally the one who was living with me knows about them I put up one of their songs a while back but here is another one.

This is a really great band to listen to if you want a bitter back handed up beat sort of thing. I love like all of their stuff (i’ts only about ten songs) this one has a meaning I need to think about and use as a personal goal to work towards. this is the OH WELLS with let it go.

So I will be posting from NJ tomorrow or Wednesday if I have a great blog idea before I leave to go home for break. Either way safe travels to anyone who will be moving form place to place. Hope these tunes make you as happy as I do, I could go on forever with little nobody bands because they are my favorite thing to listen to. If you see this list and think of something I would like leave me a comment I would love to hear what you guys are listening to.

Cuddle Puddle

So technically it is supposed to be a nail art day but I have not been doing much nail art so I am not going to put that up today.

Today I want to talk about the best way to stay warm (with out wearing pants)

It’s called a cuddle puddle

During a quidditch filled weekend there were a lot of injuries and a lot of cold people looking to keep warm so in a group effort we formed a three team cuddle puddle

10647238_10204982273818264_8849071491566535608_ni am the one with the brown hair in the top row on the left side.

Thank you to Clark and IPA for helping URI keep warm and thank you for all things quidditch that allow this to be a sport and place to make such close friends.


Columbus day Weekend

So this being a holiday that I do not have to go to class for means I was able to work extra today so instead of 4 hours I did 6. I have decided to tell you all about my long weekend and then post other things on Thursday.

Friday after my film class that gets out at 6 pm I went to dinner and it was really easy to find a table because people had gone home for the long weekend. Then I went back to my room and watched some of the TV show Greek on Netflix (I have seen it before but totally a good one to re-watch.) A little after 8 I went up to the union alone to the drag ball where I not only had a great time watching the show but got to meet JujuBee (from Drag Race the TV show) and a really nice boy.


On Saturday quidditch practice got canceled and I went to 5 below and Moe’s and AC Mores where I bought a mason jar and a volly ball and some random other odds and ends. Also my accustic bass came in the mail


on Sunday I went for a run and later that day watched the movie Manhattan with the boy I met on Friday and can honestly say he introduced me to one of my favorite movies of all time.

and today I went into work even though I had only had a few hours of sleep due to staying up most of the night talking with my new boy. So now is homework time (AKA nap time) but just in case I do not wake up this post needed to happen so here is something small to tide you over. I hope your Columbus day weekend was as good as mine and for your sake more productive.

Earring Protection Program

I promised you guys I would do these as a substitute for vegan Mondays.

This week will be a how to on not stepping on earrings.

keep organized
keep organized

earing shoe 036

I am currently failing at the whole organization thing but I do keep most of my earrings on either the dangling picture frame with lace backing or studded circle.

Yet still i have pulled two studs out of my boots this last week (re-enactment)

earing shoe 037 earing shoe 038 earing shoe 040 earing shoe 042

Those earrings are now lost causes but I hope this post is a PSA to all of you out there who have not ruined countless pairs of earrings by having big feet.

That’s all for now talk to you more on Thursday. 🙂