Keep swimming

I have been working a lot and the other things that i need to do to be a functioning person and keep from going insane have been slipping to the wayside. 

I just went food shopping after two weeks of living off what i had which was white rice near the end. 

I wake up shower work and sleep occasionally vlog or something but its kindof rare. 

I am starting to realize that the people who are watching the vlog ok bro sis are mainly my friends an they mean the world to me. When i have doubts they remind me that i am not doing as poorly as i think. 

In my head i do bot produce anything worth while but it seems like every week will and i are making shout outs to our small viewers fan base. An american i met on study abroad today said that if we keep going she could see us picking up steam which would be amazing but I knew before i started that this was not a fast track to fame but a social experiment to get closer with my brother


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