Monthly Archives: March 2017

Today is my first day off in a week and i was planning to spend it alone. This plan was slightly foiled by my best friend on the program needing to go home to new mexico. He has to sort out a good deal of school related things and at this time views staying at disney as the wrong move. His flight is tomorrow. 

I went over and cryed in saying goodbye he is hopefully going to stay in my life the way my best friends from scotlan have. We message from time to time and would help out if we ever could. 

I have been amazingly happy and lucky to have the opertuntiy to travel but it’s hard to make friends and have to leave them. There was an episode of flapjack called cammie where the protaginists leave old friends to make new ones and then in time return to old friends. Knowing new friends will become old friends and this is not goodbye but see you later. That is how i feel about my travels sometimes 

Musically inclined

I used to play bass in a girl band. But two years of not practicing made me pretty much forget how to play. I wrote a few songs in high school but nothing decent in college. I havestill done some writing and fallen very deep into the rabit hole of listening to indie rock/folk punk music. 

Last night at anthem the thursday night youth group i try to go to i wrote a choris and created a new band name. I made a friend who works at disney and has a bass. So when we hang i pay special attention to how to  play. You tube will have to reteach me but i am willing to work and relearn. 

Keep swimming

I have been working a lot and the other things that i need to do to be a functioning person and keep from going insane have been slipping to the wayside. 

I just went food shopping after two weeks of living off what i had which was white rice near the end. 

I wake up shower work and sleep occasionally vlog or something but its kindof rare. 

I am starting to realize that the people who are watching the vlog ok bro sis are mainly my friends an they mean the world to me. When i have doubts they remind me that i am not doing as poorly as i think. 

In my head i do bot produce anything worth while but it seems like every week will and i are making shout outs to our small viewers fan base. An american i met on study abroad today said that if we keep going she could see us picking up steam which would be amazing but I knew before i started that this was not a fast track to fame but a social experiment to get closer with my brother