Monthly Archives: February 2017

Work nails

I have for years been painting my nails starting seriously at the end of middle school with mastering basic application and shaping then miving to highschool and college where i would put in hours of time for elaborite creations. Sharing them at the end of the month and finding praise in doing so. 

I am now working for walt dosney world and not aloud to have even clear on because it could chip off into the food. I went a month with nude nails the longest span of time since i was 12. As an adult feeling robbed of my privilage 

I had two days off and painted  

 Them beautifly just to take it all off for work this morning 

My absence  

I have been working at disney and video blogging which is not a goo excuse for my absence but it is true. I will try to get back to this but come summer i doubt i will renew the domain name. 

In semi exciting news i took a (very simple) word press certificate class and passed with flying colors so my linked in will stand as a becon of truth that I not only claim I know how to word press from many years of blogging, i took a class in it.