Day 3

Nanowrimo a but above target. Tonight I made cupcakes with Charleen.

A game of cupcake roulette.

A simple game where half the cupcakes have good fillings like chocolate or honey or penut butter.

And the other half are gross. Things like spinich tomato paste and soy Sause.

Everyone takes turns eating a cupcake someone else chose for them and it’s a draw what you have to eat.

This time I recieved garlic, lemon zest and tomato paste.


One thought on “Day 3

  1. Sounds like fun and none of the things you ate were that yucky- lemon zest is what I put in my lemon cake and lemon squares – along with the juice – Mrs. Shaver used to make a delicious spice cake that used tomato soup as a liquid – Garlic sounds like something Joanne or Rachel Rae would put in a cupcake- Yucky or yummy your cupcake batter looks beautiful. Good luck with Nano….Love Mom

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