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I did the thing finished nanowrimo National Novel Writing month i did not fully follow the rules but i have no need for a novel so writing a generalized 50000 words mostly in short stories this month was still very impressive


thank you to everyone who supported me in writing but also in just living. I had the least productive win so far but also the best one I did not destroy my social life or sleep schedule. The days I wrote I wrote a lot but the ones I didn’t I was traveling or just needed to rest. This was an amazing experience and I am so glad I did it.

Time to go back to December 😀



Oxford exploration

I got myself an English breakfast veggie style

Was at Paddington station took a small walk in Hyde park

took a train to Oxford  

So many bikes

Wandered the campus  

The city in winter all dressed up for christmas is so lovely, the christmas markets with live music and loads of food very little of which was healthy 

Radcliff Square

Some more of Oxford Campus  

A church that brought me to tears, I was spiritually moved and sad to be losing the city that I so briefly got to visit.

I went to a free meditation and separately went to a quaker meeting house got a tour and some tea it was very nice to go to  a place of worth it like the one I go to at home.

Walked past the embassy

Dublin day 3

I am back home in Edinburgh now already missing Ireland.

I started the day by visiting Trinity college explored the campus and found this beautiful sculpture. Reminded me of the bean.img_3418-0

The buildings were so beautiful like a film set.

Went to a historic Irish museum, played with the jubox  

Practiced my printing press skills

Learned about Alfie the amazing mayor that once was. Took a selfie with his wax figure.

Oscar Wilde tribute park right around the corner of his house. (i am reading A Picture of Dorian Grey right now)

Went on a jail tour and learned some history

Jail sell painted with a Madonna   

The jail entrance where there used to be hangings, public execution was a pass time for many civilians.

The original Irish republic document is worth a quarter mill (we should steal the deceleration of independence, was all i could think of.)  

Dublin day 2

 I took a bus your tot cliffs of moire   
Visited am Obama museum 

Did some exploring 

The wind was so stron that pond was making waves. 

Oh how I’ve missed the Atlantic Ocean. 

Live music. 

Cap that nj you for 400 days of snapchat it’s been a good way to hear from eachother fault. 

Dublin day 1

 Way too early this morning I got on a plane with a few friends to Dublin Ireland   
Napped on the flight. Had a cute exchange with imma fraction about my Irish last name and why I had been stamped back in 2012 for visiting Ireland 

  Had a meal at a pub names the hairy lemon. 

  Great good fanominal service. Would reccomend. (Tip is included in bill)
The bathroom had a perfume dispenser. I didn’t have coins but what a cute idea. 

I went to Dublin castle wich is house of a art exibit    
A painting I cork where my Irish fam is from. 


Castle living room with many chandaleers. 
Guiniss tour (walked through old add campaigns. )

Poured a pint for myself 🍻 

I’m a pro now. Certificate and everything. 


Went to dinner with my moms local Irish friend who is super cool at a place called gotham

So You Want to Do NaNo?

A friend wrote this and I think they did better than I ever could so sharing felt like a great idea

Holland Rae, Writer

332x190_nanowrimo_v2-332x190Tips from a successful NaNo-er on how to keep sane, write well, and make your month count!

First of all, congrats! Your interest in doing National Novel Writing Month, and your efforts so far, show an excitement for writing and storytelling and a willingness to rise to the challenge of writing a whole book in a month!

NaNo is definitely a challenge, but whether or not you meet your personal word count goal, the experience is a great teacher and the camaraderie and excitement that come along with a month dedicated to writing are inspirational enough to make you want to continue all year long! I’ve completed NaNo four years in high school and three years in college. My senior year I came in at 46,500 and I’m still kicking myself, but that’s okay. I’m currently working on two manuscripts, and decided not to take on the challenge this year…

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Today is the day, Pokemon go to the polls.

It is so important to vote I’m against trump but this is my first presidential election and I sent in an absentee ballot. Not only voting for potus but also school board and things.

There are third parties and I wanted to vote for one of then but recently the fear of trump willing made me feel the need to go for Hillary

So for now #ImWithHer 🇺🇸💁

Guy Fawkes night

I went out tonight to see the fireworks with some Quidditch people.

We met up at this beautiful set if pillars at the top of a hill I had not been to before.  
It got really dark and. Windy so sadly the official fireworks were called off but people just shot off the ones you can buy at the super market.

The exchange ladies that wanted to see the show, be tourists and celebrate the failed plot of guy Fawkes.   
Thera are the best of google. My pics are pretty lame.