Monthly Archives: October 2016

Happy Halloween 

So let’s sum up my Halloweekend    
Ute little fall craft fair. I got a vampire ginger bread man  

Walked around a cemetery with Quidditch friend Nica 

Nica and I at her uni’a pub event.  

Hoola hoop on fire what a show. I love fire eaters 

Jessica rabbit 

My Halloween costume. 

Harry porter party got festive and in the mood w snitch candy

Quidditch beer pong. (Novelty not very practical. )

Candle lit Celing 

Odds and adventures  

Face masks, I swear I had friends do them too but this was the only picture I had from girls night. Wine Cheese and mud masks.


Shared macaroons


Threw a home made pickle party with andrew


talked to strangers on the bus


Saw a new side of the castle


Lost a quidditch tournament


Saw a play called the Broons based on the Scottish comic strip


Hiked around the city




Whiskey tour

My exchange group schedual es a scotish whiskey tour and it was a blast. 
  We got out tickets and got to ride a little educational movie ride. The car was shaped like a huge barrel. 
Scotish whiskey will not be used for at least three years in order to get the alchol content needed.

Using a scratch and snif card we picked one whiskey to try. Highland lowlands spectrum or islay region.

  I chose the highlands and it’s sweet Vinillaesk smokey taste

The latest whiskey collection.

Beautiful lighting what a fun experiance. To anyone honking of doing this go for the gold tour so you can try more than one whiske. That was my only regret of the trip.

Exploration destinations scotland 

I visited a beautiful cemetery where you could see part of Edinburgh castle in the background.

Tried the Meat is murder burger at pilgrim. It was a potato patty on a pretzel roll.   

Went to the Parliament building for a tour with my study abroad program

Saw a swanky band from CT and went with my Front bottom fan friend Chris,

Band got all tuned up

Talked to the bass player


Another cemetary

The Heart that was dragged around Scotland