I went on a very long walk all around the campus with Nick and Anna. 

We found this abandoned building and it was really fun to explore but disapointing in the way of nothing was really there.

The walk selfie with new besties 

The next day Megan and I went into town trying to go on a pre planned program trip but never found the bus so we went to dinner off Princes street.

I had a lovely glass of whine  

And amazing italian mushroom pizza wiht so many cheeses

Telephone booth was inevitable for me to take chliche pic in   

Got ready for the first Quidditch practice waited for the bus


It was empty for the first few stops.  

Funniest thing I made it to practice perfectly and ran into Sarah a girl who plays Quidditch back home for Brown (the other Rhode Island team) The world is seriously so small but it was nice to kind of know someone.

My friend group went into town for the Galic football game televised at many sports bars, walking over we saw this festival for the paralimpics and had fun playing games and being together.   

Played a close game

Watched the game in this bar, sadly it was a tie 15 to 15 in the final game meaning they will have a full rematch in a few weeks. Most sports would go to overtime but not this one so


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