The past few

So since last time I have done some stuff. Here is the highlight reel meaning the things I took pictures of for keeps not just snapchat.  
My program invited us to lunch in the city to meet other Americans studying in Scotland.

This place was adorable. I had tomato soup veggie haggis and desert. The oddest thing was a few girls from uri were at my table one of whom I had met. They had a very different experiance than I did but I wanted to meet people not from ri

Very berry Sunday made my day

While in town I went shoping  left with this hog warts sweater that I now live in and a party dress.

Recycled some bottles for money. THIS IS now my main revenue. Half a pound or 66 American cent

Went on a night walk found this lovely frog.

Thought about kissing him could be prince. DECIDED against it though. 💋🐸👑
  Went to the cemetery

Cool place I plan to explore again.

Found my first class

With school in session there is much more to do now but I belief in myself and I believe in you too. Let’s have a great semester.


One thought on “The past few

  1. Love the photos and the commentary- The berry Sunday was huge and looked tasty. Too bad URI did not coordinate better with the students studying in Scotland this fall semester. I agree you could have stayed in RI to meet people from RI.
    Collecting and recycling bottles sounds like a good way to get some extra money- From collecting coke caps to whole bottles- Gladyou have a warm cuddly sweatshirt and a sparkly dress. Thanks for the chat and the photos with commentary Love Mom

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