Moving forward

Since the Harry potter tour I have moved to another country.

Here is my last day in London and the bus to scotland pics.

For my last day in london I didn’t want to spend money so I walked around Hyde park playing pokemon go and here are some of the sights.

The fountain was the beggining and it was beautiful to have my leftovers.

I did a 5k playing pokemon go, in the 24 hours I had the game on the loaner phone I became a level 8 team Instinct player, with 99 pokedex.

I had to wait a very long time for my bus and was put on the next one but it worked out for the best. I met up with other people going to the same place as me and we all tried to sleep on the bus.

The sunrise was so beautiful I wish I could have captured it better.

Waiting for my bus seeing this sight. Getting different directions left me asking more questions but I got to school cheaply the direct rout.   

Like the Hogwarts express I met some boys going to school too.

Cooking with not anything in the way of supplies means a questionable dinner.

Tomorrow Megan and I the whole orientation group will explore a castle.


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