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Lock ness

Getting up nice and early to get into the city and see the sun rise, no better way to start off this weekend adventure.

Dune castle, where some of outlander and the first episode of game of thrones.  

Also the skit in Monty Python and the holy grail where things are being thrown over the wall.

We made a stop to feed some hairy cou (The highland cows)

Megan and I got a photo

Before getting completely rained on and miserable in the scotland hike

The opening in the trees is where hagrid’s hut was in the third harry potter movie!!!!

Hogwarts Express train  

Little scalop fishing boat

Rainbow outside the hostle to wish us well journey back home

Wonderful tour guide #HeartlandTours

Always sunny

This week I’ve been really settling into classes so there are not many pictures. I am on day 5 of insanity with a mix of friends from my hall.

On Tuesday Charleen and I went to a pub quiz together. WE got free nachos. The quiz was about the show alway sunny in philidelphia.

We won first place! Got all the show related question correct. $30 bar tab so Monday we are going to treat the gang to dinner.

To be fair we have both seen the show all the way through and then she had recently rewatch es it all and I went over the first three seasons to prep for pub quiz.

I’ve been getting much erred and so the amount of tea and honey I have to drink is going down proportionally.

Really big news I accepted my job offer from Disney land for January-may so my next adventure is planned ✈️🎡🎠


I went on a very long walk all around the campus with Nick and Anna. 

We found this abandoned building and it was really fun to explore but disapointing in the way of nothing was really there.

The walk selfie with new besties 

The next day Megan and I went into town trying to go on a pre planned program trip but never found the bus so we went to dinner off Princes street.

I had a lovely glass of whine  

And amazing italian mushroom pizza wiht so many cheeses

Telephone booth was inevitable for me to take chliche pic in   

Got ready for the first Quidditch practice waited for the bus


It was empty for the first few stops.  

Funniest thing I made it to practice perfectly and ran into Sarah a girl who plays Quidditch back home for Brown (the other Rhode Island team) The world is seriously so small but it was nice to kind of know someone.

My friend group went into town for the Galic football game televised at many sports bars, walking over we saw this festival for the paralimpics and had fun playing games and being together.   

Played a close game

Watched the game in this bar, sadly it was a tie 15 to 15 in the final game meaning they will have a full rematch in a few weeks. Most sports would go to overtime but not this one so

The past few

So since last time I have done some stuff. Here is the highlight reel meaning the things I took pictures of for keeps not just snapchat.  
My program invited us to lunch in the city to meet other Americans studying in Scotland.

This place was adorable. I had tomato soup veggie haggis and desert. The oddest thing was a few girls from uri were at my table one of whom I had met. They had a very different experiance than I did but I wanted to meet people not from ri

Very berry Sunday made my day

While in town I went shoping  left with this hog warts sweater that I now live in and a party dress.

Recycled some bottles for money. THIS IS now my main revenue. Half a pound or 66 American cent

Went on a night walk found this lovely frog.

Thought about kissing him could be prince. DECIDED against it though. 💋🐸👑
  Went to the cemetery

Cool place I plan to explore again.

Found my first class

With school in session there is much more to do now but I belief in myself and I believe in you too. Let’s have a great semester.

Freshier week

So I have done quite a bit in the past few days but have not taken many pictures. I’ll just have to use my words and supplementary internet photos.

I tried out for Rugby and was really lost but suppositly not terrible at it.  The girls who tried out will all make the team and the majority of us went to the free body combat class right after. It was like kick boxing arobics, fall out boy style music and a women on mic telling us what moves to do.

I went to free tea time and ate four of these yummy cakes that had jelly and custard fillings.

Went to archery and got in a few good shots. 

Got the unlimited bus pass so now I can do unlimited traviling around here for no extra charge. so I really should go out more 🙂

Last night I played pool with a few friends in my hall didn’t win but sure had a good time.

Castle Ed

I met my schools mascot. Harriot the cow

Walking to the castle there was a group of bag pipers


I went to the Elephant House, where JK Rowling wrote some of Harry Potter. The bathroom was filled with notes from harry potter fans.

I had a bit of time to expleor the national library, pretty cool place  

Went to the Edinburgh castle

Climbed to the top and it was worth the view!

Explored the quarters where Mary Queen of Scots gave birth to her son, and saw the Scottish Royal Jewls. sadly these rooms had huge signs and guards to keep people from taking pictures.  

This cannon, Mons Meg is the biggest cannon and it was given as a wedding gift.

Megan and I took the bus home after a fun day out.


Moving forward

Since the Harry potter tour I have moved to another country.

Here is my last day in London and the bus to scotland pics.

For my last day in london I didn’t want to spend money so I walked around Hyde park playing pokemon go and here are some of the sights.

The fountain was the beggining and it was beautiful to have my leftovers.

I did a 5k playing pokemon go, in the 24 hours I had the game on the loaner phone I became a level 8 team Instinct player, with 99 pokedex.

I had to wait a very long time for my bus and was put on the next one but it worked out for the best. I met up with other people going to the same place as me and we all tried to sleep on the bus.

The sunrise was so beautiful I wish I could have captured it better.

Waiting for my bus seeing this sight. Getting different directions left me asking more questions but I got to school cheaply the direct rout.   

Like the Hogwarts express I met some boys going to school too.

Cooking with not anything in the way of supplies means a questionable dinner.

Tomorrow Megan and I the whole orientation group will explore a castle.

Harry potter studio tour

So This was the only thing about my England trip that I planned way in advanced. I knew I wanted to do the Harry Potter studio tour. As a fan from childhood when my dad read the early books to me until now when I play on a muggle quiddtch team, Harry Potter has been a corner stone in my life. Ready for loads of pictures? I went with my friend Charlotte who I met at URI through our production of Vagina Monologues, she lives in England and did her exchange last year to my home school.

Puling up in the bus decorated to indicate you are going to this tour and nothing else (shuttle bus <3) I got  my first pic, the outside sign showing the glory I would be experiencing for the next 5 hours.

And while outside may as well get a picture with this statue.   

There was a short speil about the tour and a little film of the main cast members welcoming us to the tour. The girl who was on a head set talking to us said we can take all the pictures we want and the average person takes 3 hours to go through the tour but feel free to take it at your own pace.

I saw the great hall and there is more detail in every single brick than there was in any of my AP portfolio art from high school. (well maybee that one pointilism piece that i did in sharpie for the sun set on desert trees but think of how many bricks and statues and tiles and junk there were in this movie series)

Can we have this at the next URI Yule ball? I feel like it would make it into the school paper. This ice sculpture was one of many food items that looked good enough to eat but were not ever meant for consumption.   

The wand chooses the wizzard Mr. Potter. This case was perfection all the big cast members real wands from filming. The lay our was so cleaver.

This is a series of pics. bare with it   

Looks like charlotte and I have everything we want, looking #flawless  

I have to ask my mom for the proof but I should have this picture from flordia’s harry potter orlando ride. what a dork am I to like posing like statues 😛



Some Very memorable props, which one is the most you? I connected with the rita skeeter notebook/quill because she is my designated character according to URI quidditch due to my whimsey and the fact that I was doing nanowrimo during our regional weekend. (Constantly writing!!!) I did that to myself and wear the title as a honor.

I got to hold the key with wings. The man at the desk explained it was easier to catch the light on a few real ones than CGI the whole thing. how freckin cool is that?!? it was in my hand as well as like thoulsonds of others at this point.   

I said up and on the first try the broom came to me. I must be a natural cut out for Quidditch from year one. 🙂

It’s tempting to be mad chliche and change my profile picture to this but everyone knows i can stroll into 9 3/4 any time now.

(Funny story with no picture. I got a stamp book for the tour and embossed the stamps on. I wanted to put the platform 9 and 3/4 on my real passport but just in case it screwed anything up the attendent and Charlotte talked me out of it. Plus my real passport doesnt bend quite as well as the tour one did. )  

Walking on the train seeing this pressious recreated scene.

Night buss anyone?  

I take my butter beer strong. This is better than the 21st bday pics in my oppinion. I think its so funny. Cheers and let’s chug another round.

And the tour ended with a gift shop, in the HoneyDukes section I got a sugar quil. This long lolly that was rather hard to eat. The paper needs to be cut back after a point to keep getting the candy into the body. Very good took me a few hours of sucking