Thomas was alone

I have been going through that ruff time where mentally you know stuff is soon to change and so you start to flail around. I get all in my head knowing that the things I have going for me now are soon going away not because of them because of me. I have known for a long time now that I am going abroad and that is exciting but super scary. I now am going through the final paperwork and procedure of leaving the country for so long it is setting in. I won’t have a job, I won’t be around people I have known for my whole life and yes I know three years ago I was getting ready for college and that was so much easier.

There was nothing left for me to stay for. I wasn’t leaving a job and most everyone I knew from high school was going away as well. But this time it’s a new country I can’t go home if I feel like it the time difference will be steep so now I am trying to get excited and calm the nerves.

I watched through the game play of a cute story game called Thomas was alone. I would have played it but I really didn’t want to pay and play a game that I would get super frustrated with. It takes a meta perspective on working together and being alone/with others. The dialogue is obtained by beating the level and all the characters are cubes narrated by one man.

definately not the best ever play through but the one i watched


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