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So I am dead tired and about to take a nap. It’s 3pm London time and my first day in the uk. I have checked into my hotel and want to recap.

I am really hoping to do theses travel blog diary posts a few times a week so I can document what I have accomplished. (And save my pictures in an orderly fashion)

Starting way too early my family tucked away my three bags and piled into the car. Off to philidelphia where it is always sunny and my flight was booked to fly out of. The nerves start to simmer.

We got a bit lost using the gps. Not because we can not follow directions. Well we can follow the gps but the paper directions which would have saved is some time yeah we can’t follow those. What kind of old age demon is mapquest. 😈👿. So what ever goofy back seat selfie opertunity.

My mom and one brother stayed with me through checking my bag and up to security. Once they saw I was through there was not much left. I got through no problems but was able to call my brother before try left. My mom walked along side me one floor down. The clear glass modern look of philly air port made it possible for is to wave good but until I started crying.

Now the fam is gone. I do no. Know anyone in the airport and have five ours to burn. I charge and play video games. Eat candy and a pretzal. Try to talk to people but I failed the who can speak English game. So mostly head phones to avoid silence.

No one wants black lichorish. I kow i am the ignominy. Which is part if why I built it. So I never have to share.

Full flight. I was happy to have an old seat.

And all my stuff fit.


With a hour of sleep on the plane under my eyelids I felt like I had pulled an all nighter. The issue was it was only like 10am London time and honestly I was pleased to get through immagration with out any real trouble. So from here I went to baggage claim to find my bags and the freeest wifi. (I am not planning on getting a sim or new phone so wifi or bust on this trip #offTheGrid #Almost)

With pretty much no paitence left in my being I had to wait while the bags were slowly released onto the revolving cart and by the time my pink luggage with orange handle rounded the corner I was ready to dance.

I now had all my stuff for the next 111 days on my person and it was not very well orginized for travel so I repacked in a manner that I had a back pack and two rolling bags. Went to the Lou and followed the signs to the underground. Thanks to my coworker Kate I had my ride paid for on an oyster card. But some people were paying the rediculious 22 pounds to take the direct train, this was 3.10 (free for me ;D)

I met a very nice man who works the airport and was just getting off a 12 hour shift. He helped me with the tube and walked me to the hotel. We arrived at noon and that gave me 2 hours to get lunch and explore before I could check in. I was luckily able to leave the luggage. So I went to find lunch.

It was odd to me that the prices vary depending on where you eat the meal. I paid the most to eat inside but I really needed a place to entertain myself and this had wifi plus it was a very nice veggie meal.

This park is right by my hotel and so I sat down with a pen and some post cards and wrote notes for the people back home that I have addresses for.

Dinner I took out and ate on a bench so it was cheaper and It was the best veggie quiche I have ever had. Like a mini pizza with flakey crust and egg instead of tomato sauce.

So far this is the best picture of my trip. I found a huge chess board and a paddington bear to hug.


This week I said good bye to my summer job for the third time. Trading my kacki shorts and polyester shirt in for a 15 pound back pack and many bus rides. 

I took of of work a few days earlier than I needed to so I could visit college friends I otherwise would not see for some time. I had packed my laptop three outfits a coloring book crayons portable chargers snacks water bottles my hour to hour date book and a commic book for the ride. Some of these items proved to be more useful than others. 

The trip begins at the train station in my town 6:15 in the am heading to New York penn station. Walking from penn to the bus turminal went smoothly I played ingress and racked up some good points while seriously draining my battery. 

The wait for the bus should have been about twenty minutes but there was issues so a rescue bus had to pick us all up. This delayed my trip by an hour (I have to call the company for a refund because on principal I’m mad I waited an hour in line and caught such a early train.) I did meet nice people in line though. A father and son were going to Boston harbor for whale watching, a women from the Soviet Union told me that if she could move to America at 19 I could definitely pull off spending four months in Scotland and the bus driver told stories of working in a group home before getting this job. 

Once on the bus my only complaint would be the wifi it was too weak to get anything done. The trip felt really long and I fell asleep for about an hour. The little girl behind me threw up and made things a bit less pleasnt but I felt bad for her and no one said anything except her mother. 

Once off the bus I found my way to Ben and we settled int a small park 

This was a nice place to tan and chat while waiting for tinder Ryan to get into the city. 

We walked around got lunch and soaked up historical Boston. This was mostly a walking day and with my pack pack felt like real Excersise. 

When time had come Ryan went his way and left Ben and I to find the orange line of the t. We took it to the end in a car filled to capacity. Stop after stop the standing room became less cramped and eventually there was room to sit  

Bens dad picked us up and his family had made a magnificent vegi fiest  🍝🍴  salad with peppers and avagodo and such  pasta with Alfredo Sause and mixed vegi tables (brokilo peppers tomatos and more. ) I hung w his fam and chatted until it was bedtime. I read some of the new harry potter play with Ben and slept poorly but for a long amout of time. 

Morning was breakfast and walk in the woods followed by shower and short wait for my ride. 

Wade picked me up from bens house and brought me down to Rhode Island where I spent two days and one night. We talked the whole ride over an hour. Catching up and really noticing how much we would miss having the friend on the team and at work and just in the same time zone. But we know that the phone will always work (even if it’s a FB message) he stopped me at sky let’s man tion which was a surprise to both of us. All three of us play quiddich and hung for a while the house art your is fanominal with her mother being an artist and making all the work displayed in the house. I should have taken pictures of the art but missed my opertunity. Wade left and we made grilled cheeses and face painted and painted on rocks.  

Once the time bad come around I was dropped off at the beach where justin works and got to walk around it in the summer. I have been to scarbourough many a time in the fall winter and spring but in the summer it’s alive. Color from the sun and beach accessories and breathing with the life of staff and visitors. I was starting to fall in love with the state I go to school in for the second time. 

Justin brought me to uri to hang w him and Kyle. We explored the new chemistry building and made jokes. Things went fairly smoothly considering the dynamic and how bad they could have gone. 

Come 6:30 we left to go to a dinner party my sorority fam was hosting. I was late but not the fashionable kind the way Kyle had been thinking I would be. Like everyone else was almost done with dinner and I walked in. But there was a nice zukini and sweet potato medley for supper. I had a sister remove my splinter from a few days before. Played with my big’s dog and grand big’s cat and after dinner was picked up by dan mataus. 

Dan brought me to a rock beach and eventually all the way south in the woods of Rhode Island to see Chrissy. 

We caught up and slept. In the morning I had Mac and cheese and fruit snacks. We dropped her brother in law off at work and me in providence. I hung out with a friend I know from many things Vigina monologues amung them. We gossiped over make up in sephora and she got me to the bus stop in time for my uri paper work at the deans but all the other offices were closed after I did the first chore so I met up with wade and played ingress and bumped into some friends and ate zukini sticks with ranch. Deep fried like a mottzerella stick quite good. 
Next was the train station to get me to mystic and meet up with cap. 

I spent the longest with them we had dinner at a diner and watche you tube and in the morning made eggs that were hatched by the family’s chickens in the back yard. 

We went swimming and had ice cream and traded mix tapes and got to hang out like friends. In the way that we didn’t need to do anything because having eachother was the best way to spend time. Both of is are shortly moving and changing everything and this was a time capsle of us right now.  

 Leaving to get on the final bus home after waiting around the casino for pick up was the worst part of this trip. It ment that it wa going to end. I would not see these friends for months and I had to face the reality back home of leaving the country for nearly four months. I cried on the bus as it pulled out of the station.  

This trip brought me back to a quote I fell in love with last summer. Don’t cry  because it’s over smile because it happened. ~dr. Seuse


Nearing the end

Today was my last day off. I have 4 more shifts at Jenks this summer and then I am on vacation followed by scotland. I don’t have anything to say but the travel should give me time to really write what I need to.

I have consumed an extraordinary amount of media this week. The show Adam ruins everything and John Oliver Last week tonight have been my late night pleasures.


Thomas was alone

I have been going through that ruff time where mentally you know stuff is soon to change and so you start to flail around. I get all in my head knowing that the things I have going for me now are soon going away not because of them because of me. I have known for a long time now that I am going abroad and that is exciting but super scary. I now am going through the final paperwork and procedure of leaving the country for so long it is setting in. I won’t have a job, I won’t be around people I have known for my whole life and yes I know three years ago I was getting ready for college and that was so much easier.

There was nothing left for me to stay for. I wasn’t leaving a job and most everyone I knew from high school was going away as well. But this time it’s a new country I can’t go home if I feel like it the time difference will be steep so now I am trying to get excited and calm the nerves.

I watched through the game play of a cute story game called Thomas was alone. I would have played it but I really didn’t want to pay and play a game that I would get super frustrated with. It takes a meta perspective on working together and being alone/with others. The dialogue is obtained by beating the level and all the characters are cubes narrated by one man.

definately not the best ever play through but the one i watched