Calm before storm

By calm I mean my mid week weekend that I got off from work to get me ready for the hopefully sunny and absolutely insane 4th of July weekend on the nj shore.  

I’ve had time to write the last assignments of my summer course so now all I have to do is wait and transfer the credit. I still would not say I like history but I do appreciate it more which is a huge change in the short 6 weeks. 

I went on a solo ingress outing which was successful if you ask me. And now I’m waiting in line to shop the huge church sale my town has every year. This is normally a day when I buy a new wardrobe but due to the soon approaching study abroad thing I’m going to try not to get things. (Cheaper and less space consuming.) I am looking for craft supplies and Kacki shorts. But what ever I get I’ll be sure to post about. 


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