where to begin

I am going to start by apologizing for last weeks post I was out with friends and wrote it in like two seconds on my phone in a car going to a sleep over that didn’t end up happening. I am doing a million things and trying not to make excesses but I know this blog is not my top priority. The women who inspired me to write and do this blog has just today announced that she needs to change things up in order for the cite to keep going at all. I am coming due for the renewal of my domain name and start to have doubts. I have doubts about everything recently because there is no way to do everything, leaving is hard and starting anew is even harder but the middle aims to make it all worth it.

I know that this week I am posting a forum post I wrote for my almost over online class. This history class has made me write more in the last few weeks than I have been able to write for myself in a long time and that is scary. I do not have the desire to create this but I am too scared to give up. I recently had my wisdom teeth pulled and it’s given me far too much time to sit at home and think and watch netflix but mostly think. I have gotten so used to having no free time, getting home from work completely exhausted and having one day a week off to do all the chores I have put off this blog post normally being a chore among the rest.


I am in no place to make a decision about going forward right now and no matter what really do want to keep this site going but I have to figure out what with and who for. I post so much of my life here which is a great documentation for myself but it opens my life up to anyone who is willing to take the time to skim the site over.


Equality has held different definitions over the course of history. A current example of equality not being achieved for all people is based on sexual orientation. (Bathroom laws, trans right LBGTQ issues, hate crimes Etc.) Just last summer was it legalized for same sex marriage. Though there are still huge issues due to the lack of equality a few hundred years ago the word equality only related to one group of people in the US, the white land owning male. A discussion of equal rights could not have been held considering women did not have the right to vote and neither did blacks. To view people as dependents or property from a political view is only alright now as a tax break (marriage or children.)

Mercy Otis Warren is an example against the theory of minorities being unable to independently forming conclusions. This is shown in the political writing of the pamphlet she wrote and published under a pseudonym. A smart educated women who was well versed in  her upbringing and theory that wrote and published proves that not all of these people who were considered dependent to those who owned their livelihood were unable to form their own educated conclusions. The circumstances were far more related to background knowledge.


I saw a super cool concert with my forever family friend Mary and there was a pride booth which was amazing, I got so many cool stickers for my computer, the best of which says make america gay again.


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