This week a very close friend lost a family member and I found myself in need to express my emotions in writing.

I am sharing a poem.


Black and white

Black and White;
The abundance of all color and the lack of any color
The beginnings and the ends.
When a couple gets married a brides dress is white
The lack of color.
The blank slate for the couple embarking into the next phase of life.
When a family is grieving they dress in black,
The funeral is filled with dark colors
The black summing up all else.
The loss of a family member,
Taking the dynamic and pulling out the carpet
Everything that had been before now shifted at the least
And fully knocked over or broken for others
Community brought together for the best of times and the worst of times
The conditions so different
The people so similar
Cheers to fresh starts
And grievances to starting over.

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