So now that there has been the kick off to summer weekend memorial day behind me and job hours starting to pick up I should set my summer goals.

I want to pass my summer class, Early US History, not that it interests me but definitely something I have to get through.

Meet up with people as often as you can. I have to work as much as I can but I should take time off and hang out with the people I care about.

If I can’t meet up at least stay in contact.

Play some of the PC games that you keep buying and never even download (40% of my steam is un-played and that is super depressing. )

Get crafty, I have some projects in mind but they are doing me no good in there.

INGRESS- I’m thinking about starting a spin off site for this because I love the app and would find pleasure in a photo based recap blog so if I still love the app after the summer class I will start that up.

Be less stubborn and work on the improvements you set back for new years resolutions.


If you want to see what I was working on for 2016, I know I needed the refresher.

This summer may not be the best summer of my life but it can be a very good summer.

Stay hot and I will post again next week





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