Goodbye uri

If all works out this was my last academic goodbye for uri. So I had to do some things. 

Like dumpster dice with good friends. (Thankyou mdog this pillow made for a perfect picture) I got some books to sell back and a lamp and some campuses for painting.  
I worked my last shif at the dining hall. Tried to have fun.   
Checked my mail box. There wasn’t anything but I had to take a look see. 2608 it’s been real

Hang out with more friends and  do the things we said we would. Movie nighs and cups of tea and suck.  
Treat myself to the dining hall delecicasy of soft serve ice cream at the butterfield 

Pack up the car and leave the campus  
Put stop. Get some gas pump it yourself style because New Jersey has spoiled me  
And drive into the sunset…  

Let the summer adventure begin!!!🌞🚵🍕🏊🎮📚🎆🌊 


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