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I knew you when

I got distracted today but I have a poem I wrote about a week ago for today’s post. 

I knew you when
I knew you when you were born weighing less than 6 pounds too new to be cute so much anticipation leading up to this new life with infinite possibilities a bundle of cells that needed more time to grab a clean slate a baby

I knew you when you started school so sure of yourself no hesitation no looking back you were sent off day one excited to learn to meet new people to become the person you wanted to be

I knew you when you had doubts about your worth the way others saw you this year you could fall short I knew you then but never believed you could fail

I knew you when you were hurt when you were naïve and oblivious I saw when you were happy and I knew you would be happy again never the same but also never could you be hurt this way again 

I knew you when you thought about giving up in the end stretch of the worst year of your life no one saw it at the time giving in would have been the worst way of getting them to notice but I need you for that part and the parts that came before it

I knew you when good night became goodbyes when everyone seemed fine and crying was inevitable for a long time I’ve known you were going to make it out alive but leave your past self behind in the process. Innocence dies at the price of living. We both know that now. 
Tomorrow I am going to a concert and have work. Big kick off weeked for summer. I will try to post again something light and full of pictures. Till then, Happy reading !


I just joined ingress yesterday it’s an interactive app. Taking components of geocaching and creating an elaborate ever hanging defense game. I joined the green team resistanance to be with my friend Nash who introduced me to the app. We drove around and walked around ‘hacking’ and attacking statues and other land marks. We claimed a few things for the green team and that feels like an amazing accomplishment. 

I’ve been home for a week am already back to work and just booked my flight to London for study abroad this fall. Grades came in lower than I wanted them to but I will be graduating with a 3.06 so I know I could have done worse and hope that my other accomplishment make up for the number. 

I have been video calling with a person I am starting to really like so I’ll subtly talk about that until it fizzles out or becomes something more serious. 

Goodbye uri

If all works out this was my last academic goodbye for uri. So I had to do some things. 

Like dumpster dice with good friends. (Thankyou mdog this pillow made for a perfect picture) I got some books to sell back and a lamp and some campuses for painting.  
I worked my last shif at the dining hall. Tried to have fun.   
Checked my mail box. There wasn’t anything but I had to take a look see. 2608 it’s been real

Hang out with more friends and  do the things we said we would. Movie nighs and cups of tea and suck.  
Treat myself to the dining hall delecicasy of soft serve ice cream at the butterfield 

Pack up the car and leave the campus  
Put stop. Get some gas pump it yourself style because New Jersey has spoiled me  
And drive into the sunset…  

Let the summer adventure begin!!!🌞🚵🍕🏊🎮📚🎆🌊 

Be Nice

Two finals tomorrow will push me past half way of the spring 2016 finals. I have had a crazy day crying sleep lots of work accomplished. Some alarming news. I need to get to bed so I can be bright eyed and bushy tailed for my 8am exam and nail it.

Please be nice to people you never know what they are going through. There is only one person you control and it’s yourself. For that reason you can make a difference in another life through leading by example.