Sleepless in Rhode Island 

It’s my hell week and far worse than finals. I have not been sleeping much and when I do give in and close my eyes I’m not getting good sleep. I have had an Exam every day this week and papers and presentations, clubs activities and work. I need a person health day. I cry a few times a day and am getting really sick because of the things mentioned earlier.

I’m gong to tell you two stories from yesterday which I thought were amusing. (And I don’t want to let myself forget.)

  • I have a field lab for herpetology and yesterday we went out looking for snakes. I caught a black racer with the help of four classmates who were all cornering it. But I was the one who grabbed him. I did the actual catching.

The snake bit me but I sure looked happy to have him. And there were so many goo jokes about how I like the kinky stuff.

  • I went to the movie theater to see season one of rwby (a rooster teeth anime show) and I messed up. My frieds all showers their emails and were given tickets but my name wasn’t on the list.

A manager was called over. Looked at my ticket and sai tires for rocklin California not providence Rhode Island. So I had to buy another ticket.

Luckily my friends made fun of me but I had a good humor about it and laughed along at my mistake. I emailed Rocklin and they issued me a refund. So it all worked out it was just a funny mix up where I was the butt of the jokes.

Good luck on finals. I know I need it ⭐️🐍📹


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