So this morning I texted k as a response and was chewed out for it. In my mind it’s not a bad response but to some it really is. So in the way I like to rant about reclaiming words (vagina monologues flash backs) I’m writing about reclaiming k. 

K is for kisses shared between love red

And k as in keep: me near. Keep: my secrete. Keep: in touch.

Kind to self, to others and he way I would clèchely describe a good heart.

For kinky bold choices in the bedroom. On a king sized mattress or twin or not on a bed at all .

Knowing you are right or knowing it is right to admit you were wrong.

Keys to unlock doors and unlock success. To eliminate the barrier between protected and available resources.



Knock out gorgeous k.

So while writing this I learned that way more words start with c than k and I realize I need to know that I am not correct and learn from my mistakes. The way that I have been desensitized the the c word from doing vagina monologues doesn’t make it okay for me to go around using it when the rest of my peers find it offensive.


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