With this week being gay pride in NYC many colleges are celebrating. URI had a guest speaker tonight on the topic of being gay in the middle east. This is super relevant to my life of late because a friend from high school past away last week. 8 days ago Sam was alive and 6 days ago they were not.

We have not spoken in a few years the time between me matriculation high school and me graduating it. But on Saturday night while huddle with a unlit candle and 10% of my graduating class I was moved to speak about a time I shared with Sam.

My memory of being oblivious to the social pressures of public school, the way I was not lost because I was not going to any real destination yet. And the way Sam had a plan and the confidence to back it up.

We were in a film class together but I say that loosely, I was in a film class and Sam decided to audit one day and then all the following days that semester. We put together an outlandish short film that would later be shown at a local viewing for student short films.

Sam welcomed all and everyone had so much love for sam. Everyone there all sixty or so of us unified by so little but in that  moment held together so strongly in support.


I am leaving a link to the foundation in Sam’s honor, Pleas take a look it is worth the time and money if you feel the desire to donate to a good cause.


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