I have not been as active as I want to be on the site. I got the flu which really took a toll on me I was stuck in bed for four days and missed two full days of classes. I am struggling in school playing catch up and trying to avoid a break down.

I was an adult earlier this week and called my dentist. Spring break will have a teeth cleaning and may be the removal of some wisdom teeth. I hope not though. I want to keep my wisdom teet for never have I ever purposes.

I have sent loads of texts and emails trying to figure out my life. Where will I work this summer? Can I still pass all my classes? When are your office hours? The usual stuff



Land use

Over population

Things I worry about every day in my major. I read studies, watch documentuaries and talk to peers about the sick sad sham of a planet that we live on. I’m starting to care less and less. The theory that this may just be a simular like the matrix is a thought that helps me get through my days.

How metta would it be if a movie like the matrix was a near accurate example of reality. It would make reality tv something of a documentary. A historical snapshot of life in the sim. A strange way to thing but a convient way to avoid all the problems that are present.


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