So I don’t forget

Sorry for not posting last week. It’s been crazy. I have a short written thing I did a while back. 

1 the number of hair ties slowly moving down my ponytail making it’s self quite useless. It took years to get my hair back to a lengrh where a scrunchingy could even e used and there were no regrets to the drastic cut but tie really does fix a lot. I got my luscious lox cut down to a pixie to support a girl that was losing a fight with cancer. There was a huge be quit in her honor. And the message was incredibly powerful. Seeing whole sports teams come out with the same short hair almost like the military was unifying. The girl passed away a year or so after that and for the girls that donated the groing out process was still in early stages. 

2 the number of beds in a standard dorm room in my school. Single occupancy rooms exist but having a Roomie is the college Experience. 

3 people in the college dorm room I woke up in this morning

4 the about of arms wrapped around me 

5 the number of people I have slept with not in a sexual way for all five but at least in a way that one of us wanted to and a few times when both wanted to we would both get lucky 


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