So this one will just be a mini rant cuz I have not had one of these in a while and am going to be far too busy to write anything of quality otherwise. I am about to go to class but in super cool news I am going to be action again for a limited time run.

I auditioned last week for a role in Vagina Monologues and rehearsal starts tonight I got the part I wanted. It’s call (and please forgive me for the crude name) Reclaiming Cunt. A beautiful short monologue about why the C word should be acceptable to say.

Two years ago when I saw the play for the first time I fell in love with this skit it was so strong with out being so trigger warning sensitive. I now get to be part of V-day and that is super cool. I will post next week after the performance (I hope) to tell yall how it went but I will also have real writing.



So if you are in the Rhode Island Area the show dates are 2/18-2/20 at 7 p on the URI campus in Edwards auditorium. I know the show will be great because the magic of theater will make it happen.

I just want to scream into a pillow to get some of the nervous excited energy out but the library staff may not appreciate that so far away from midterms.

Have an amazing week and DFTBA


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