Upward Swing

I don’t want to say that I reached rock bottom but the beginning of the week was way worse than now. Coming back this week on Sunday I had a ruff night even though I left behind 2.5 feet of snow in NJ I was not treated as well as I should have been by a long time friend. Then Monday I had a little outburst at two girls and yesterday I was reasured by the guy who wasn’t nice to apologize for that outburst and that helped make both relationships better.  Obvi not perfect but great progress.


Nothing is perfect

Life is close to falling apart

I can barely breath

Gasping for air

An abundant substance

Just out of reach

Drowning under

The Pressure

Of the life I have made

A blackened chicken scratch book

Of all the to do lists

That I can not do.


Hope your week is going well, the day for me was brightened by a simple IOS update becoming available to me 9.2

🙂 so much more tempting than 8.4








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