Let’s review what I said last year and see how I did

Resolutions to be achieved in 2015

  • Being less judgmental (recognize when it happens and make a mental note to stop doing that) I think that will be a life long struggle, there has been some improvement but not enough for me to feel completely great about it. I really forgot I had this goal after like February.
  • Read more (for school and for fun) YES I did this well text books were read in their intirety and that was not it. I got a kindle and don’t use it as much as I should but it made keeping a book in my bag so much easier. I shoved small books under the register at work this summer. I am proud of the reading I got done. (And while concussed I listened to some great audio books for early readers like goosebumps.)
  • School-strive to prioritize and do better Yeah, as my classes get more demanding I am finally getting better at school and balancing, I had the worst academic semester last spring and then my second best this fall. So for the first time in my college career I saw my GPA go up! And that was huge for me so it was not perfect but I have found a balance.
  • Get out and meet new people (but keep bonding with the friends you have already made) I have mixed feeling here, I lost a lot of people but am trying to work on keeping the quality (so figuring that out) and less so the quantity. I met some amazing freshman this year and want to keep meeting new people, something that is really not hard for me.
  • Keep blogging Yeah I did that, even when it was not easy, there were a few weeks were I omitted posting but I managed to put up 68 posts this year making my total posts on rachelrecaps 167.
  • And finally (saving the best for last) do not use your phone when with people (especially friends) (unless getting an address or time check but nothing longer than a quick check when mandator). I consciously worked on this one all year and am content with the improvement made in the last year. I find myself getting annoyed at others and how over connected they are. I am working on myself a bit too but this resolution was so good for me.

New Years resolutions for 2016. 

1 better quality work especially for blog posts.

2 stop casual cursing. It started in April it needs to end now.

3 keep up with the people who care and let go if those who don’t (which plays into #4)

4 soul search 2k16 I’ll add a link later.

5 the obligatory health resolution. Eat better work out more sleep responsibly and drink water ect.

6 I had this one last year too but I don’t want to forget it. (Work in progress.) Be present when with people and don’t use your phone as an escape. When you are alone you’re really feeling it so don’t distance when with People.

For tonight have fun be safe and welcome in the new year.

May 2016 be better than it’s little (2015) Cheers to the new year. 🎉🍸🎉


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