Today is the passing point two years ago I posted my first message on wordpress. The weeks to follow were a journey into the unknown. After two years countless conversations and about 5 wordpress updates a grand total of 3125 views. Thank you for finding me or clicking on this blog site. It means so much to me. I can put myself out there and feel obligated to follow through with things as well as express to the world.

Thank you for a year that I really struggled through but the important thing is I made it through the year and it has been getting better. There are good days and bad days and really bad days I just want to have less really bad days. (Quoting the video my pill journey from a few posts ago)

I have distanced myself from the blog and the viewership shows. I want to keep blogging and I want to keep a more accurate account of what is going on. But more importantly when I do this post in a year I want to really have better quality in my posts. I have to get to that understanding in all parts of my life that the QuaLity is more important than the quantity.

I hope you stick around for the ride who know what it will bring.

Thank you for reading

Thank you for being in my life

Thank you for everything.

I hope to get more interactive think forward meet people self promote and fall in love with writing again.

I’ll post again real soon but right now I want to leave with a song.


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