It is the final stretch for the fall semester here at URI. I am saying goodbyes and fixing papers because i did not have real finals this year. I have a really ruff schedule for next semester but I can somehow do it because I believe I can and will compromise where needed to make the 19 credits of all science work. two soils classes, herpetology, grad level publishing sci. finding and wildlife bio metrics. The 6 of them will not be the death of me. I gave myself a “paper cut” on the pinky finger I am hesitant to call it a paper cut because it was from a metal dry erase board in my room.

I have had  a pretty good semester but did not do a very good job of documenting it here because the not so good parts I purposely omitted and that caused me to avoid writing a lot of the time. There are other outlets I have been expressing myself in like crafting my clothing into obscure reference graphic T;s a project I have been thoroughly enjoying. (Than goodness i know how to iron sew and use puff paint)

This break for me is going to be a time to refresh my self. start forming good habits again and really get prepped for the crazy time that is to follow the rest. I am also looking into buying a used car that must be narrow!

It is just about time for me to figure out new new years resolutions and reflect on the old ones. I can only remember a few of them which makes me think I failed but I will review that next weekish.

Till I write again good luck on finals or school or life if that is what best applies to your situation. You can do it the holiday is almost here.


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