Life Altering

This week Has been so crazy I had two major essays, a final exam and two presentations. I am now one project away from this semester being over, I hope to bang out my GIS assignment tomorrow after work. I go home on the 19th but for now I get to stay on campus and watch how my load is significantly lighter than other people’s.

Like everyone else I procrastinate and maybe it is the time of year or my desperate need keep growing and expanding as a person but eithe way my procrastination findings this week have really settled with me.

The top three I want to talk about in order of shortest to longest time consumption.

  1. shortest. While scrolling through facebook I started watching a video which linked to another and another and before I knew it I lost twenty minutes of my life but four minutes of it really effected me. 
     here is the link to a video called my pill journey. I have felt really depressed sometimes this year and it makes me feel so alone to a point where sometimes I have panic attacks if too many people are around me. It is so hard to talk about this because I really want to forget and let it go away. This video made me feel for people who are searching for the solution to their feelings and I have not gotten to a point of needing drugs to get by but “there are good days and bad days and really bad days”- which is something I took away from the video
  2. A short game I played through on steam. It was free and recommended because I liked life is strange and want to play undertale. So a strong story, single player choose your own decision based game called Emily is away was recommended to me. I downloaded it with out asking many questions. The game is a instant messaging simulator that deals with a true way that friendships can play out. I don’t want to spoil it but if you have a half hour to play a really cool Indy game and walk down memory land (2002 comes flashing back when the game launches the windows XP sound) play it or watch play through. emily is away
  3. One of the RA’s in my building who knows the kind of music I like because he likes the same genre will recommend bands to me. He recently asked if I knew the band Tokyo police club.  A band I knew the name of because they were on tour with Said the Whale last year when I was in love with them but now that I am listening to TPC, it feels like my heart has opened up a little wider to make room for this new band to be up there with the front bottoms and modern baseball. I love music that has a cool sound and brings meaning to me. I have to hear TPC more before I can off handedly quote them but it’s rapidly growing on me. 

There is a decent chance that this is the last Fall I spend in RI and that is crazy to think about so I try not to. How have you been distracting yourself and what amazing life changing material have you found? Please share I would love to keep expanding my repertoire.


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