end of the month

I can say that this november was full with surprises. And I can say that I did what was right for me in the moment. The last few months I have been having a hard time writing and I think it may be a good time for me to kick back and explore something else. I can always come back but I do not have the love for writing that was once there.

There is not enough time for me to do things that used to bring me happiness.

“Write hard and clear about what hurts”_Ernest Hemingway

when i have something hard that hurts I will be sure to write even if that is just for me. This year would be great for personal exploration where as last year was just so brutal I didn’t really know who I would be at the end of it and the fact that I have gone through so much to come back and be a person I like is a miricle. The dead weight had to be dropped and that lightened my load so exponentially that I am confident that this life is pretty groovy.

Happy writing and thank you for reading



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