Day 10

Today I had a very disappointing run in with my exam.  But in better news I found a computer that has pretty much everything I want. The only problem is I will have to lag for it from the base up. So to ‘build’ my perfect laptop I’m paying to upgrade the graphics card, processor, keyboard and for the fun of it color.

By the time I’m done I will have a computer valued at $859 an I’ll be paying about $650. It’s taken me a long time to even think about a new laptop seriously.

I am a huge fan of using things until it can’t anymore. My current computer has been so good to me in the last 5 years and I would have love to have it another year and a half. The goal was graduate college with it but since it fell over the summer and has now lost it’s stability I know I don’t have much longer. No fan vent and extremely unstable so few screws.

As a fun addition I get to choose the color I’m thinking red.

I am so happy to know that I can buy what I have and love. In a slightly updated model so I’ll buy the new one around thanksgiving and ship it home to get used to it over winter break. I am seriously debating getting a case and keyboard cover because those have been things that would have helped me out in this one.

If I didn’t like the illusion of being a PC gamer I could get a much cheeped model but this may not be the time to compromise. On the upside tomorrow my shift at work is valued at time and a half because it’s a national holiday. And no night class.

So right now I’m chilling w Megan YouTube and my laptops cooling pad. Someday soon it may sink in that change is imminent.

The whole line used to be silver and covered. I ❤️ My hp pavilion dv6 so the pavilion 15t should be a nice but tiny upgrade. Biggest change will be windows 10.


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