Day 9

Tonight was the premiere of the Awkward season finale. MTV’s Awkward is a show that I have been watching for a straight 5 years. I want to give a full review but there was nothing all that spectacular. This was not one of the funnies or most shocking, it did not even give me a good scene of worth or closure. Because after five seasons of high school the show is not over somehow so the teaser revels that there will be a time hop coming 2016.

This makes me think about expectations. What a massive difference they can make. Going into something blind or with low expectations gives it an upper hand to be a success in your mind. Movies like the room or Sucker punch which do not have very good overall reviews made me think I’ll try it but it’s okay if I don’t like it. Sucker punch is one of my all time favorite moves. where as the Room is a movie I hope to forget about.

room sp

There is not a really easy way to put this down as a thought but expectations can ruin some things. I loved the way this was presented in the book/movie Hector and the Search for happiness.

hector list

So I have an exam tomorrow and should feel much better after it is over. I’ll post again tomorrow till then good luck writing and thanks for reading.


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