Day 6

I spent all day at work in the dish room but I feel pretty good. From 7am to a little before six I was getting paid slightly above minimum wage. I need a new computer soon so this small extra income should help. Who knows maybe my next paycheck will be duly dedicated to the new hp that I pick on from a Black Friday/cyber Monday sale.

I am currently writing this post on my phone because it feels wrong to tell your computer it’s not good enough anymore. To be honest I really don’t want a new anything. I would love to go back to the flip phone and have my situation from a little over a year ago. Heck this time last year I was getting over a boy who now means nothing to me and I had no idea how much trouble lied ahead. I’m pretty sure this time last year my nano word count was much higher.

I’m currently just shy of a total 1000 words my goal for tonight is 4k total and I want to double what I have on Saturday alone. I want this weekend to go to GIS studying (100 flash cards made) and nano. Any other homework will get done and I plan to have a blast with Megan this weekend at her sleepover house party. More to come on that after it happens

So yeah crazy how a year can change a person but what was important stays the same.

Extrovert for life. 😉 if you have ever done type focus (Mayer brigs) look into it, it changes but super accurate personality test I’m EFNJ I think. I did it last night but 95% extrovert preference was a no duh. What are your personality?


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