Day 5

It’s a new day. You may look at this time stamp and think wow your early but in truth I am just not asleep yet. So why not do this now. I spent 3 hours banging through power points and I’m more than half way through but that is nothing to brag about. I had good company and a scared roommate (who just didn’t know where I was.)

Topic of the day

Random Fruit facts

Apple: there is cyanide in their seeds, but not enough to kill you. (you may feel discomfort so it is not advised.)

Peach: Do not confuse with apples their pits are cyanide poison that will kill, here is a song called peach.

Pineapple: are so acidic that you can loose your finger prints to working in the field.  (fun fact about me I went to Hawaii and did the pineapple maze in under 30 minutes.  So good job Rachel)


Kiwi: the fruit looks just like the bird


Bananas: I am not able to eat bananas with out breaking out into a rash, too much potassium


Strawberry: Life hack you can core a strawberry with a straw, that may be how they were named


Grapes: Cause kidney failure in dogs, and are the fruit with the highest pesticide content ppm.


And last but not least

Grapefruit: my favorite food when ripe and pretty (the right color dark pink) I wrote a memoir about them for nano and got to use it in a class last year. and they have a funky special spoon like this


So Eat your Fruits and Veggies!!!!!!


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