Day 4

Semi official I am starting a video blog on you tube with my minor concussed best friend Megan. we set up the gmail account last night called AceHarmGlen a anagram of Rachel and Megan. It is a very new idea so no content till the middle or end of the month but this is a huge step in out friendship assuming we actually pull it off. and in a few months we will have to change the set up when I go home to NJ and she stays in RI.

I have been sleeping and not really working because I want to relax into my new life. As I get more and more behind in nanowrimo I wonder if there is any point in trying to catch up, after this weekend I will update yall on my word count and hope it is around 10K though realistically that will not happen if I do not start writing.

I have a poem today:

Try to be nice

Try to do what is best

But with no direction

No sence of up and down

There is no way to know

What is going on

Around the next corner

Anything could happen.

There is a fear of the unknown




Just hope and pray that fear won’t hold you back

From the amazing things that could be ahead.



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