day 3

So I have still yet to write for nano but I won’t dwell on that right now.

Today november 3 2015 was the hottest november 3rd on record. that is crazy to me. it has not been a very easy day for me because I know it’s a person’s birthday but this person does not like their birthday.

I have a very hard time to keep to myself when people around me have things to celebrate. I am born in august and I LOVE my bday, I put on a tiara and am a princess for the day but for some people this is not a good thing. I can not really go into what others think but this will be my piece to show that I have not forgotten but I am trying to respect your space.

I will be living in the library this year between the difficulty of my classes and the noise level in my room from the TV that is pretty much always on I will have to adapt but it should be for the better.

On the note of birthdays here is a bday pic of me from a few years ago



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