Day 2

So goals are not always realistic. I did not really write yesterday so as far as NaNo word count goes I only have 300 words but I can still pull this one off it’s only day two. My writing partner has also written nothing because of a minor concussion that her doctor forced her to brain rest. So I might have gotten myself into a full 50K situation but time will tell, I am determined to do this and everything else because I am insane.

In better news I spent my last day in Eddy alone and today will be the beginning of living with a roommate. November is the most crazy time of year foe me but this will set her up for smooth sailing the rest of the year. I had an amazing meeting with my academic adviser and learned that I can easily graduate early by a semester and still go abroad. So fall 16 will be me in Scotland and then spring 17 will be anything but college :D.

I have been listening to a good lot of music to keep me calm through my not always happy life, I relate a lot to the front bottoms, Modern baseball and Bastile so that music will definitely influence me into how I write this year’s novel. Last year the song beating heart by Ellie Goulding was my inspiration and focused me into my main character’s mindset, this year is too soon to tell but i would not be surprised if Bastile sets my mood for this scifi book.

Picture of the day

iphonw 14 094this was taken after TOVE LO a few weeks ago


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