November 1

Nappy National Novel Writing Month! NaNoWriMo time to begin

I have come so far since last year and know that I can not do it again so this year I have harder classes and a much less stable mental state which is why I teamed up with my bestie Megan to co write the 50K words in a novel of our combined creation.

my goal for today is 2000 words and I have yet to write a single one. Last night I went to a party and had a decent time which is better than I have had in a while so I count it as a victory.

I have no idea what you will get over the next 29 days but I am doing a daily blog post and write and not drop out of school.

My story with Megan does not yet have a name but it has vague guidelines.

We are sharing a google doc where we agreed to

25000 word goal for each of us in the month of November

Two characters

Love intrest (GAY)

Future space start on a planet go a ship-fake planet


spell check!!!



So yeah That is what I have for today and here is a picture of the day



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