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I may have went too hard today in Quidditch. I scored a point but also got hit in the head while on the ground. 

Tomorrow morning I get to go to health services and be told how to handle this concussion. So today’s post is very short. I can’t look at the screen too long. 

Pray for Paris

Pray for the world 

Day 14

Today has been filled with crafts for the very exciting big-little reveal. Pictures will come. Tonight’s post is co-written by Ben, the most awesome person in the world.

Ben posted two sentences so he may not understand how long an average blog post is

Like there is short and then there is I gave no cares and just barely touched the keyboard before hitting send.

He is currently watching over my shoulder and making me very self conscious about how bad my spelling and typing skills are.

I have been painting for hours today between canvas’s with cute phrases, picture frames and mason jars. I am lucky that more than one person liked me so I now get twice the crafting!!!

I need to give a special thanks to pintrest which has consumed my weekend.

Thursday when I can put up a post full of picture this will have more of an effect.

Enjoy your weekend


Friday the 13th

So let’s start with happy Friday the 13th, a beautiful day that happens every once in a while and makes me think of my high school friend Fara. Who was totally obsessed with all things horror. especially Jason Voorhees and Freddy Kruger.


Spooky horror and scary movies are so fun with friends in either the serious or make fun of way. I personalty prefer comedy so count me in for a spoof.

I hope you stayed away from broken mirrors and walking under ladders. Stay safe and have a good Friday

Day 12

I did not have the greatest end to the day and so instead of writing about it I will be doing a nailed it post. Also I am not participating in nanowrimo this year, I should have trusted my gut and not signed up.

iphone 14 002

iphone 14 018

iphone 14 044

iphonw 14 099

So I either forgot to take pictures or got so boring about painting my nails due to my recent decision to commit to glitter.

Day 11

It’s looking like I agreed to do way too much today. Happy Veterans Day. I do not have class (meaning no film from 6-10pm) but I do have to go to work. A 7 am shift that I regularly would not mind but after last night late playing walking dead I was unable to be at the dishroom on time. 

I agreed to a few hangouts at diffrent times of their day off. But there is also just so much homework type stuff I need to do and sleep would be nice at some point. I can sleep in tomorrow and plan on doing so. 

Does anyone have cool plans or keep a tradition for Veterans Day? I can not even remember if this is a holiday I always had no school for. I would have so greatly appreciated having tomorrow off but that is not the way the cookie crumbles. 

Day 10

Today I had a very disappointing run in with my exam.  But in better news I found a computer that has pretty much everything I want. The only problem is I will have to lag for it from the base up. So to ‘build’ my perfect laptop I’m paying to upgrade the graphics card, processor, keyboard and for the fun of it color.

By the time I’m done I will have a computer valued at $859 an I’ll be paying about $650. It’s taken me a long time to even think about a new laptop seriously.

I am a huge fan of using things until it can’t anymore. My current computer has been so good to me in the last 5 years and I would have love to have it another year and a half. The goal was graduate college with it but since it fell over the summer and has now lost it’s stability I know I don’t have much longer. No fan vent and extremely unstable so few screws.

As a fun addition I get to choose the color I’m thinking red.

I am so happy to know that I can buy what I have and love. In a slightly updated model so I’ll buy the new one around thanksgiving and ship it home to get used to it over winter break. I am seriously debating getting a case and keyboard cover because those have been things that would have helped me out in this one.

If I didn’t like the illusion of being a PC gamer I could get a much cheeped model but this may not be the time to compromise. On the upside tomorrow my shift at work is valued at time and a half because it’s a national holiday. And no night class.

So right now I’m chilling w Megan YouTube and my laptops cooling pad. Someday soon it may sink in that change is imminent.

The whole line used to be silver and covered. I ❤️ My hp pavilion dv6 so the pavilion 15t should be a nice but tiny upgrade. Biggest change will be windows 10.

Day 9

Tonight was the premiere of the Awkward season finale. MTV’s Awkward is a show that I have been watching for a straight 5 years. I want to give a full review but there was nothing all that spectacular. This was not one of the funnies or most shocking, it did not even give me a good scene of worth or closure. Because after five seasons of high school the show is not over somehow so the teaser revels that there will be a time hop coming 2016.

This makes me think about expectations. What a massive difference they can make. Going into something blind or with low expectations gives it an upper hand to be a success in your mind. Movies like the room or Sucker punch which do not have very good overall reviews made me think I’ll try it but it’s okay if I don’t like it. Sucker punch is one of my all time favorite moves. where as the Room is a movie I hope to forget about.

room sp

There is not a really easy way to put this down as a thought but expectations can ruin some things. I loved the way this was presented in the book/movie Hector and the Search for happiness.

hector list

So I have an exam tomorrow and should feel much better after it is over. I’ll post again tomorrow till then good luck writing and thanks for reading.

Day 8

My current Nano word count is still incredible low past the one week mark and slightly under 4000 words, I have a few days to decide to continue at all or drop it and the latter looks like the more realistic outcome.

Today My post will be about what fascinates me as tools for procrastination.

I know that there are millions of things I can do at any given time and I will not always choose the most responsible one but by the due date everything is done which is more than nothing.

In no particular order:

Human interactions: weather this be in the form of lets hang out for dinner, coffee, a night walk or a cuddle I value people in my life which is routed in my extrovert personality. But I also enjoy the interaction with people through my phone or computer. bring on the snap chat or text messages. I don’t feel as good with the indirect contact but if I don’t want to work yet this can be a beautiful distraction.

Ways to get to work. Put your phone on airplane mode close out of all distracting web pages and if you want to be with people try to have a study group or a dinner with a timer on so you can have a human break but get to work when needed.

Aimlessly eat or clean: To clean as a form of procrastinating is not too bad because at least something productive is getting done! But that is rare, I more likely clean because I have to or I am stressed and need to channel my nervous energy.  The eating is more of an issue, I’m not hungry I just eat to give myself a break from working.

Ways to get to work. go to the gym instead, the endorphins will make you feel better afterwards and the shower as a reward is so sweet.  Go for a short walk or run even it’s crazy how useless I become when I don’t move around.

Watching videos: This one is so hard weather it’s youtube or netflix. I do not have a very good computer right now (Because I dropped it) so my laptop tends to overheat when streaming video and that has been something of a blessing. I may never know how Jane the Virgin ends but I still manage to watch you tube or take internet quizzes. distractions are great for a short amount of time or if you have extra time but there are normally more important things to do.

Ways to get to work. If you have the will power just close out. If you don’t I used to go to the public computers at the library with no headphones in order to force myself to just read an article on the computer or write a long paper. With out audio I would not be tempted to listen to music or watch videos. There is also the added bonus of the library vibe that make me feel guilty to play candy crush.

Video games: I would play everything my computer could handle if only I had more time. I went through life is strange recently and at some point will write a review about that (Megan and I are replaying it now) I have been on and off with candy crush for a few years now but I used to play sims or Nancy Drew on the PC for hours straight. My mom would have to remind me repeatedly to eat and I would only get up on my own to go to the bathroom when there was no more waiting. Sometimes I would play till my eyes hurt and then keep playing for an hour or so. But at that time it was past midnight. (I miss my youthful summers)

Ways to get to work: set a timer or better yet just don’t start.

The key to all of this is prioritizing and moderation. I hope that helps someone and I think writing this helped me some I was able to get off YouTube to write this post and now maybe I will get through something else on  my check list.