This is an opinion based piece so I am just going to quickly rant my thoughts.


I am the kind of person that is reluctant to technology. I have an iphone 4s and wish i had the dumb phone most days. The biggest reason I do not go back (that are for me and not for the appeal of others) is snapchat. As far as social media goes I have a facebook, twitter, pintrest and snap. I only use Snap and FB, I also do not have the facebook app on my phone meaning if on the go to check facebook I have to go through safari meaning most of the time I did not need it. Switching away from the biggest social media influence in my life has been liberating but I still feel tied down.

Snap chat is different. to me it is fast fun and like being a witty artist. I laugh and love and have fun with snap chat. I will not always feel that way but for now (and the last 10 months) I have enjoyed this app. I am bringing this up because a friend told me I snap too much which threw me off. I send a few a day but they only go to the top 7 and my recent list most of the time. Meaning that the majority of my “snap friends” only get my story and about one snap a month.

If you want to really hurt my feelings unfriend me on snap chat. that is the equivalent to burning the thing I most love. I know it is late and I am being dramatic but I wanted to post something and this has been a topic on my mind recently.

How often do you guys snap? are there other apps that you like better?


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